Gemini 3°

So I suppose the time has come for me to speak up and address some of your statements and questions. I have been hesitant to do so because, despite posing me questions, you also seemed not to want to hear the answers.

But what I’ve come to realize is that you and I operate very differently. You seemed to have kept score and inventoried all these grievances against me. And I tended to overlook or swallow grievances I had against you which found a way to seep out, specifically that one time .
I have to be honest in saying that all that you accuse me of seems like projection.
You failed to take into account (and I failed to speak up about) certain factors.
For instance, before that evening in question, the last time you came to our house  for lunch you brought your own food and linens and then accused us of stealing them. The time before I saw you that evening in NYC you made a shaming comment to me at your house. The last time you came to see us perform you visibly and audibly talked on your phone and walked around the room.
I bought you two tickets to theater and had planned to take you for dinner and you flaked out on us last minute. If I had done that to you, I’d never hear the end of it. You were meant to come and see our new house after the fleamarket, and we prepared breakfast as planned and you never showed up.
Every time we played games late night and you were stoned and drunk you were belligerent toward me, specifically. Not once but on numerous occassions. You tried to convince me during Scategories that Hungry Hungry Hippo had no Hs in it. It has 3.
I never mentioned to you what a nightmare your pathological fiend of a friend [Sheeshna] put us through pretending she was in television development. And I’m sure Etienne never told you how difficult he was to work with on graphics. Although he did say to me “you’re going to tell everyone I’m an asshole.” Which of course I never did.
You have a very selective way of perceiving reality. And you’re just plain not a very nice person.
So I would very much appreciate it if you would take a giant leap off a short pier.

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