Gemini 4°

 The trick in writing you back is that I want to be succinct and not say everything because there are years of subtext and misinformation to sort through.

I really thought, since we have spent many evenings together over the last two years, that we had both put the past behind us. i didn’t realize you were keeping a list of grievances to pull out at will.
I don’t keep lists of grievances on my friends. And I also don’t throw everything in their face. Frankly, I think you’ve been looking for excuses.I also think that you have two narratives going. One of a loving kind friend to me in private.  And one who talks behind my back, telling tales.
I am not the person who goes to your home and brings my own food and linens and then accuses you of stealing them. I am not the person who cancels on the day of a theater and dinner date (when theater and dinner are your Christmas present) without a Sorry or Thank You. I am not the one who always makes the other feel bad about any gift given. I am not the one who gets drunk and stoned  and then makes the other the target of attacks late night playing games. I am not the one who invites you to dinner to help me get through nights with family but then makes snide and demeaning remarks to you in front of other  friends. I am not the one who never asks a single question about your life. I am not the one who has an obsessive need to make others feel “less than”. I am not the one who lets some friend of mine pretend she is in TV development and then has you write an entire TV pitch only to find out she’s a pathological liar. I AM the one who never mentions these things to you because I’m a good friend. [remember, reader, these are Emails Never Sent]
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