Gemini 5°


All very well here—we hope the same for you.
We thought it best to flag areas that would need to change.
But before making substantial changes we should know if changing these areas are dealbreakers or not.
Also Mariana mentioned that we should be brainstorming together with her and coming up with outrageous case stories.
Did you since determine with her that this is no longer necessary?
Some quick notes to the attached:
We can’t for myriad reasons call the show Sextrology.
The show we envision given the content and format comprises 60 not 30 minutes.
Otherwise, we’ve annotated our edit.
Concurrently, we had a plan to contact all the television execs with whom we spoke in the process to reframe Starsky + Cox. 
Please let us know if you had any commentary on the documentation we sent on your suggestion and we shall move forward with that as well.
Thanks for your time
Typos happen—I don’t have time or an intern to edit.*

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