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Let me say that I totally welcome your input here if we think that there are better individuals to illustrate the IDEA we are trying to convey with these individuals in the composite. So maybe you can start pulling pics but before we make the compositions we can have a phone chat and by then maybe you/i/Stella will have thought of even funnier examples but here we go. Actually in some we might really want to think about who goes in the middle photo. there are some sight gags to be had. I did overkill on the first one (Aries Women) below just so you can get an idea of the bold strokes. PS we might want to do 2 slides per sex sign if it really hits home the idea. why have the audience stare for 30 seconds at one slide when they can look at two of the same sex sign?

ARIES WOMEN the point here is that we say they are feminists, fiercely independent with minimal beauty regime and that they are bratty and  look primitive like cave women so bushy bushy eyebrows

Keira Knightly (sorry she looks like a cavewoman to me),  Lucy Lawless, Camille Paglia, Jane Goodall, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Gloria Swanson, Gloria Steinem, Cloris Leachman (maybe in her role as Frau whatever in Young Frankenstein) Reese Witherspoon (same cavewoman face as Keira?) so does Emma Watson ..does Sarah Jessica Parker have bushy eyebrows….surely there must be a photo of her as such…Victoria Beckham?  Jane Adams  I want to say Diana Ross but she has no eyebrows, maybe Chaka Khan or Billie Holliday and alternates would be Fergie, Mariah Carey, Claire Danes, Kelly Russell (but they don’t read ball busting and difficult…..maybe Rosie O’Donnel …anyway later on as you’ll see we put some other genders for jokes which we can’t do a lot but i’m tempted to put in David Hyde Pierce because he too looks like a cavewoman ok enough i’ll be more succinct as we go but i wanted you to get what i’m going for ….this is making me think two slides

ARIES MEN here we want to go for really either neaderthaal types or really chauvinistic. Rough rugged or hothead characters

Russel Crowe, Marlon Brando, Hugh Hefner, Steve McQueen, Eddy Murphy, Warren Beatty, Alec Baldwin, Charlie Chaplin as the Little General, HItler (ugh i know) and then Robert Down Jr as Charlie Chaplin all in a row?  David Letterman, Ewan McGregor (though is he really a badass?) Omar Sharif, Steven Segal, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, James Caan, James Garner, Jean Paul Belmondo

I just found a really good site for Aries man photos hopefully for all the signs

TAURUS WOMEN we could do two slides here too the point is that these are girly girls really uberfeminine but they can take it too far and instead of looking like dollies end up looking like drag queens

girly girls: Audrey Hepburn, Michelle Pfeifer, Penelope Cruz, Bianca Jagger, Uma Thurman,Jessica Langue, Renee Zellwegger,  girl stars: Kirsten Dunst, Valerie Bertinelli, Sandra Dee, Shirley Temple, young Ann Margret, Cher, Pia Zadora, Carol Burnett, Donatella Versace, Grace Jones, Janet Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Joanna Lumley, Al Pacino (joke)

TAURUS MEN the point here is non-threatening hearthrobs pretty boys lover boys

With Ann B. Davis in the center as joke David Beckham, Rudolph Valentino Englebert Humperdink, George Clooney, James Mason, Peter Frampton, Liberace, Pierce Brosnan, Robert Pattinson, Enrique Inglesias, Chow Yun Fat Daniel Day Lewis, Liberace

XTRA TAURUS MEN this will be a list of Taurus men who cross dress or transgendered, here for Ptown we will have some local peeps i am trying collect photos for (in bold)

Justin Bond, John Cameron Mitchell, Dennis Rodman,  Lypsinka, Iggy Pop, (maybe: Lady Clover Miss Understood, Michael Palin,) Bea Arthur in center as joke, Dana Danzel, Devon Ruesch, David Flower

GEMINI WOMEN trouble making goddesses of discord if not happy homewrecks tinker (manipuliaive) belles (beauties)

Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Hurley, Joan Colins, Michelle Phillips, Anne Heche, the Olsens, Paula Abdul, Helena Bonham Carter, Josephine Baker, Judy Holliday, Natalie Portman, , Wallace Simpson, Kathleen Turner, LaToya, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell


GEMINI MEN boyish eternal youthful Peter Pan syndromed as it married to swashbuckling pirate outlaw types like Robin Hood

Johnny Depp, Errol Flynn, Douglas Fairbanks, Pat Boone, Paul McCartney, Donald Trump, Boy George, Prince, Marky Mark Wahlberg, Mike Meyers, Tupak Shukar, Jim Neighbors (Golly), Trey Parker and Matt Stone (our own Castor and Pollux fixated on boyhood) Charile Watts, Jamie Oliver

CANCER WOMEN the point is to find pics of these ladies which makes them all look as if they are about to cry which isn’t hard to do. Ignore the less famous ones if you want Of course most sites like the one given has women smiling you can see i even managed to pull 4 photos off (one of Stella’s mum) who look on the verge of teers…..Shelley Duvall from Shining? Princes Diana from some unhappy moment, etc

Ginger Rogers, Leslie Caron, Princess Diana, Olivia de Haviland, Christine McVie, Angelica Huston, Liv Tyler, Isabelle Adjani, Shelley Duvall, Eleanor Parker, Shirley Knight, Kelly McGillis, Meryl Street, Carley Simon, Juliette Lewis, Deobrah Harry, Courtney Love

boo hoo hoo

CANCER MAN point here is squeaky clean unthreatening guys who might be a bit oversentimental not much heat. they can’t play the badguy I am giving you too many and not enough for two slides so we should talk about this and others as i said

Tobey McGuire, Topher Grace, Daniel Radcliffe (actually he may be Leo), Chris O’Donnell,  Billy Crudup, Omar Epps, Harrison Ford, Jimmy Smits, Robin Williams Jason Schwartzman, John Cusack, Prince William, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Josh Hartnett, David Hasselhoff, (trying to figure out George Bush joke here) George Michael

LEO WOMAN fierce hungry women with an appetite for sucess. the superstars

Madonna, Lucille Ball, Coco Chanel, Julia Child, J.K. Rowling, Jaqueline Onaassis, Gerri Halliwell, Amelia Earhart, Mae West, Mata Hari,J.Lo I want to do something JonBenet maybe and i can’t resist the below shot

LEO MEN controlling if not tyrants

Fidel Castro, Mussolini, Napoleone, Bill Clinton, Barry Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cecil B. DeMille, Alfred Hitchock, Marty Stewart (Martha)

VIRGO WOMEN real bods and some brick houses

Beyonce, Sophia Loren, Rachel Welch, Salma Hayek, Cameron Diaz, Tuesday Weld (nice Virgo name), Joey Heatherton, Lauren Bacall, Jacqueline Bissett, Faye Wray, Claudia and Kristen

Barbara Bach

VIRGO MEN faceworky tinker-ers this one is proving to be trickier than i thought

 Keanu Reeves, Michael Jackson, Mickey Rourke, Stephen King, David Copperfield, Jose Feliciano, Harry Connick Junior, Robert Blake,

LIBRA WOMEN think we’ll go for the all goodness and light thing

Julie Andrews, Olivia Newton John, Helen Hayes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Deborah Kerr, Angela Lansbury, Annette Funicello, June Allison, Hillary Duff, Kelly Ripa, Marie Osmond, Pam Dawber, Deneuve, Bardot

LIBRA MEN here we are going for the inanimate thing. kind of concepual hard to pin down (especially sexually?)

Usher, Flea, Sting, Eminem, Le Corbusier, e.e. cummings, Evel Kinievel, John Courgar Mellencamp……

Will Smith, Hugh Jackman, Mario Lopez, Jim Cavaiziel, Kevin Sorbo,

SCORPIO WOMEN we are going for the signs rule of genitalia and the joke about women and men kind of reflecting that fact

Very celebratory of the female experience Georgia O’Keefe, Shere Hite, Winona Ryder, Grace Slick, Cherry Jones, Margaret Atwood, Yoni Mitchell, Helen Reddy, or just sex symbols?

SCORPIO MEN they look like penises….this joke actually worked better when we didn’t use visuals so i have to find some maybe bald or buzz cut guys not just old bald guys…..let’s stop here for now

Prince Charles, Edward Asner, Pablo Picasso, Gavin Rossdale, Dylan McDermott, Dermott Mulrooney, Felix Frankfurter


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