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Hello You Two

One wonders what the 11th hour brings. It always brings something. So far two things.
For starters Drew Droege has likely booked a tv gig which would prevent him from coming early, on Weds, to participate in our benefit as planned. Hold that thought.
Also: The duo who I was giving a gig to foster on their own steam, Enid Ellen and Greg Potter: The mother of David Mramor (Enid) has entered into a coma and is dying. Horrible. So we will likely not go forward with their show although Greg may still come to stay a part of it all.
Ok first. The benefit what was: it didn’t really work as a big-money benefit to bring in desired cash which is fine; so i turned it into a promotional vehicle mainly (people can still throw money in the sombrero) to invite the townies to as a promo for the artists. this is VERY provincetown. all performers start their seasons, for instance, with free townie shows and then it creates viral effect whereby everyone goes back to their inns, shops and restaurant jobs and promotes the performers that struck their fancy. Incredibly effective.
The Weds benefit is now at the big money-making venue the Crown and Anchor where Dina and others make killing all summer.  The owner has given us the big room. And he is a festival sponsor. We had a long talk about the festival being a curatorial mechanism for him. Though he rarely goes out to see anything. But he’ll certainly be at the benefit. So, making lemonade, Stella and I thought:
If you Amber could get here two days earlier? Weds? We already have Drew’s room booked. And, to be perfectly honest, I think you Amber are the most suited to making a lasting inroad in this town anyway at a venue like Crown and Anchor because of the comedy in addition to the amazing musicality. So now that we are doing benefit at Crown + Anchor (which we weren’t originally) and it is a townie night (which it originally wasn’t) it would actually be so great for you and for us if you could by some grace of the gods get here earlier and get this exposure both for your show in festival (pin in that) and for the long term.
So taking the pin out. That 11pm Sunday slot that Enid Ellen will vacate. a) since the JCM+Amber show is the most likely to sell out; and b) most townies will not see it because they will be working, we might think about imagining that 11pm slot being filled by you. If you want it to be. Maybe give Greg Potter something to do in it. And already put it out there for townies to grab on to. And bill it as geared to the townsfolk and even mention we are adding it the night of the benefit.
That was a long email. i’m very sorry. But I woke up to all these monkey wrenches and I have a Virgo ascendent and have to “fix” everything immediately. Lemons to lemonade…
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