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Because I care about Theater, because I find it weird and unacceptable that the public cannot get information on joining creative committees, because all the other Ptown entities that have worked there have had problems, because i had an issue with what might be considered double-dipping, because voicing my concerns ended in being physically assaulted, because you employ rude, unhelpful and theatrically clueless representativesl, because your website hasn’t been updated since 2009, because your one publically elected board member left after 3 months and you didn’t replace her, because i have requested to address the board and received no answer, because false, slanderous comments have been made about me and my festival to your board members who are my neighbors and my peers, for all these reasons and so many more I am, as I said in our meeting, concerned that the community of Provincetown is not being served by the theater and that your theater’s actions disallow participation and actually alienate seemingly everyone you work with, that the community needs to be made aware of what is really going on with its community theater. I will repeat that phrase: community theater. I am at this point reaching out to those who have history of Provincetown theater and have documented the operations of your theater.
I have two goals in mind
1. To insure that Afterglow nor those who work with the festival are slandered in any way or that excuses are made to disallow its existence anywhere given its pristine reputation and successful debut.
2. To make the community theater of Provincetown more engaging with the actual community of Provincetown, enlightening the people of the community to its operations and availability.
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