Everybody Rise

I really think this twelve-fold sequence is bearing out. If yesterday’s oracle of purification was associated with Pisces then today at 19° Taurus we have A New Continent Rising Out Of The Ocean which comes with yet another time around the wheel starting with Aries today. The sign of Aries, the physical body, does indeed rise from the watery womb of Pisces, the mutable-water sign. So here today we are witnessing new potentiality after, as our ever cheerful Dane Rudhyar puts it, crisis. I guess there was crisis? Yesterday definitely felt a bit weird. A step in the staircase leading to our loft broke under foot as I was climing the stair. That freaked me out. When stuff like that happens, it feels like a rip in the fabric of reality a bit. I think that’s all we need to signal crisis. Something had to give, literally. I think I mentioned I did some emotional house cleaning, ridding myself of relationships with some really awful people who had treated not just me but those I love really unkindly. At first I thought I was fine just never speaking to them again, but I suddenly found myself addressing them and airing my grievances and wow did that ever feel good. I’ve been sleeping like a baby since. It does feel like a new era. I’m going with that.


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  1. I was pouring champagne for a boatful of Australians (continent 1) as we partied around the canals of Venice (quasi continent 2) and the sun set beautifully after it gifted us a double rainbow after the thirty minute downpour (everything else).

    Float on.

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