Pisces 9° (February 28)

Just hanging out today. B., staying in Chatham, comes for a cup of tea. I have to truly begin focusing on what’s actually happening. I’m hopeful we will receive something this week but that shall turn out not to be the case.

March 11

You emanate a warm black, like that of the ocean depths. And it’s your compassion that is most fathomless, learning, however, that you can’t save people. So you set an example not only of survival, but thrivation, working on yourself. You enjoy being called sultry.

March 12

A rich latte, your color is at once soothing and stimulating. Sound like someone you know? You can play agony aunt to loved ones, and happily so, but motivating others is  just a byproduct of leading your own directional life, never devoid of creature comforts.

March 13

A brilliant rose, you are an unapologetic seeker of beauty, which likely factors into your choice of profession and creative pursuits. You make avant-garde forays, but are a bit old-fashioned at heart. Your word is sacred, eschewing others who send you up garden paths.

March 14

Your color vibe is a rich auburn which speaks to your earthy romanticism. You have wuthering visions of ancient places, epic dinner parties and eons of solitude spent reading and daydreaming through rain-beaded window panes. And the hutzpah to realize it all.

March 15

Your whole world is misty blue-green, an expression of natural insight and extra-sensory perceptions of subtle, even psychic energies. A perfect paradox of spiritual wisdom and sultry charm, you’re like a siren, irresistible but risky to those who don’t share your depth.

March 16

Your birthday has that touch of mink, a color that, according to you, needs a new name. You are a Pisces protectress of all things helpless, which is why you have no patience for people who don’t help themselves. Lover of luxury, you don’t indulge at others’ expense.

March 17 

Your color is ashy rose (not kelly green). Memory plays a strong part in your life, whether in storytelling or a love of ancestry/history. And you’re emotionally drawn to bygone golden ages. Song or dance should be pursued or studied. Yours is an operatic life vision.

March 18

Pear is a modest shade of green that befits your unassuming personality, which inspires others to do for you. The irony is: you’re totally self-sufficient. It’s just that people see greatness in you they’d like a hand in nurturing. Your words to live by? “You shouldn’t have.”

March 19

A most delicate Pisces, pink lace is a fitting birthday color. You are a complex creature, highly sensitive and meticulously detailed in your work and creative expression. An old soul who says more with action than words, you want a great love, but need for nothing.

March 20

Seafoam is the Pisces color and you’re a Fish of the first order. You possess a primordial understanding of humanity and the circular nature of experience. The mind fascinates you as much as the graceful mechanics of the body. You take neither of your own for granted.

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