I should have pointed out that yesterday’s Cock A Doodle Do symbol was ruled by Aquarius in a twelve-fold sequence. Aquarius is associated with the dawn and renewal so it was yet another score for these randomly divined oracles fitting the Zodiac signs in sequence thirty times over. Today’s symbol, at Libra 24°, is A Butterfly With A Third Wing On Its Left Side. We have mutated, spiritually, via our rebirth and revelations. The left side is the heart side; it also refers to our instinctual side. We are developing new faculties (well I am; I don’t know about you) via our experiences. They aren’t just observed, they infiltrate our being and cause mutation, changing our spiritual body, that which the butterfly, who goes through literal transformation of being, given flight, symbolizing spiritual lift, represents.

Three is a symbol of fullfillment, just as the twelfth house of the zodiac, associated with Pisces which rules this oracle in that twelve-fold sequence, fulfills all the other houses. It is the “spiritual” house, Pisces’ mutable-water translates to a sort of vapor or ether or gas that which is unseen but most powerful. Neptune, the sign ruler, is signified by the trident, a symbol of the triple goddess who, in triplicate, is personified by the Muses. The entire landscape of Pisces and the twelfth house in hinged on transcendence and spiritual uplift, just as the Muses bestow us with divine power. Here we see, with that third wing, that we’ve been endowed with extra spiritual power. The first thing that comes to mind for me is forgiveness, the ideal put forth by those like Jesus (Fish) who is a primary archetype of the sign of Pisces. Forgiveness is spiritual power, make no mistake. And it’s important, first, to engage in the self-sort. The heart reference here important in that forgiveness makes our own hearts sacred, sanctified and purified, it provides us wings to fly because, without it, we are attached to that which we resent or which has hurt us.


Exposure to a revivifying life-force (see previous posts) can result in the creation of new faculties within us. We may not yet know what that third butterfly wing is for, but its purpose will be revealed to us. For now it’s important to recognize how it is we are spiritually mutating for the better. I believe that forgiveness is the recognition of that faculty. That’s my own little spin on this Sabian symbol.

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