Scorpio 27° (Nov 19)

On November 19, I awake in Wellfleet and my diary from that day reads:

Heard back from P. yesterday in a very kind note. Drove to Orleans late day after Bianca for wine and orange cheese. The morning we shopped in Provincetown and then spoke with Cathleen.

This will constitute one in a series of instances that might all fall under the heading: barely got away with it. It’s never good to be the messy one and, though I manage to avoid that most times, I do notice that there have been more instances with frequency in the last quarter of the year. Oh well. That me would be glad to know I’m now in self-love mode such that I’m not drinking a drop of anything alcoholic. It goes in cycles for me. But given the larger socio-political landscape and general shape of things, it’s been that much easier to lose oneself in a pre-dinner bottle of Lambrusco. But it never solves anything.

Anyway here I am getting an enormous handle on all that needs to be done during the next month, while I generate content for ten blagues a day over the next, still, let’s see, over roughtly tne next eight or nine days. That doesn’t sound so bad now come to think of it. By this time next week I should be in pretty good shape actually. It’s very strange this whole process of distillation whereby I have gone through ever piece of paper on my desk (there is a small pile on the other side of the room dating back, no doubt, to this time last year, but it doesn’t quite make sense to tackle that now. I should probably do so on Saturday when I will need a good deal of material to work against. As it is right now I’m pretty much full up on what needs or doesn’t need to happen in the coming days.

I think once I again meet myself next week and are back to normal one Blague a day I will begin drafting the evening before and then finish it during the course of the day, beginning in the morning. I can record just about anything on any given day. Especially days that aren’t writing days, I can still represent some of my ideas, ongoingly, without getting quote unquote behind again. That is for the birds. And I say I was derailed by the publishing news we received in October but really, let’s face it: I was in a position to let myself be derailed and that’s not so dandy.

I do need to rewrite any dodgy headlines this year. I think it will be easier than I imagine. There are so many wonderful people out there and I need to get out and social this year. I need to give myself the gift of as low a percentage of body fat I can muster and I need to get a bike lock so I can leave my bicycle at the Provincetown Inn. I think I’d like to get myself a room there from time to time, maybe even from hotel 2night. I can also make that part of my rounds with hoteliers: We are looking to move ourselves back to Provincetown do you have any leads? Meanwhile we are going to stay at hotels randomly this summer. Do you have a secret hotline we can call?




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