Scorpio 26° (Nov 18)


On November 18, I awake in Wellfleet and my diary from that day reads:

Pasta. VSB grant. Finances.

On top of which, here is another Dada Mission:

The Next Page

The Terribly Wonderful Process of Writing

Experts at Living How To Live

Essential S + C These memos written to Stella

Should be the format of creating cntent

The other half can be secrets, poems,

both biz brand and philosophical memos


It is the engine.

Action Item: What are the top 10 Things about being you?


Focus must be Afterglow and Provincetown.

Festival to Sponsors

Grow to the next Year 8

Seven felt like the end of a cycle and Year Eight we hope will portray fransformation and grown in an overall vision, which incorporates, encorportates, champions ? man goals.

LIST THEM…what are the goals of Afterglow this year.

Eight is number of power of infinity, the lemnicaste, of crystalization and distillation.

Speak to the progress the WGBH and other press and so forth.

Articulate what the Glow Festival. meet with Boston Globe

Start to work other arenas.



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