Capricorn 18° (January 8)

Holy Christmas I’m not taking the tree down until Candlemass. There is an energy in the house today, something inexplicable but real and divine. The sense I’m sensing is something up superiority supremacy. Of course I worry given the circumstances that what I’m sensing is not a good energy at all that it is something that is permeating off of that thing in DC. I have made every inroad required at this juncture in life. I have dealt with the lawyer, I have dealt with the real estate folks, I have started the process of going through every single manusha amount of my belongings. I will have to look up the significance of Candlemass parrot I’m happy to learn that we will do our house ritual on Wednesday with the new moon I have done all that I can to make this environment something enjoyable is probably the wrong word I’m trying to think when I first started painting these rooms upstairs it must have been gosh 2018 2017 I hope it was 2017 actually and yet it feels like yesterday. As far as the zoji ******* go I’m done trying to you know rally dysfunction I want to talk to me they’ll talk to me I am really really done I’ve done everything amount onable Bing and yet I say this and I know that I’ll will I will rally them again God what’s wrong with me. I don’t know what these typos are all about but I’m not going to look back as it is a time for forging ahead only.

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 1411-1415. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.

I have a lot a lot swimming around my head today and though I feel all caught up now, I still have major headway to make, which is totes fine. It’s all been fodder festering and formulating. I am this week returning to my upstairs office and will crank up all the necessary machinery. Getting the grindy stuff done first in the day is always the best plan of action. I plan to work no more than four hours on any given day, six on client days; or maybe not even. We shall see how that shapes up as we roll along. I must do needs some grooming up in here—I have seriously let myself go since being in civilization last, what? a month’s time. I’m once again lost in real-estate porn which is really just such a distraction from what needs happening right here close at hand. “Waltz and schmaltz were soon to supplant the mannered minuet,” is a sentence I read today (don’t you love it) in the intro to the Blake book I’m reading. I’m curious about this era for my own writing. Both time and thyme require patience. Meanwhile I receive emails from fake Devon Nuneses.

I am trying my damnest to move the needle along while optimizing my efforts as best as I am able. The best thing I can do at this juncture is to begin marrying some creative writing again to this Blague because with only so many hours in a day it truly is hard to do both. I’m reading about Blake and I’m reading about Hugo and I’m trying to get a feel, myself, once again for the natural world. I will look at my schedule but I think that between March 15 and 25, I should give the new book proposal a once-over. I’m not really sure what the world is going to want from me on this score. But I do want to find some very simple ways of arculateing what will come next from us. And it should be fun.  I have to put my heart into clients today. Whenever I feel spread a bit too thin, I always get more nourishment from focusing on other people’s condition than I do on navel gazing my own. The thing is that we can make a difference in people’s lives. We have helped so many artists move forward, and have generated so much good will for Provincetown via our celebrated work there. The trick is backing off, now, and seeing the big picture. This really is the only true way one has of connecting would-be dots. And I only can give as good as I feel so self care is a constant concern. Sometimes it’s been a struggle I won’t lie about that. But mostly it’s fun to lead a life of temperance and balance, elements of the Libra estate. Hello, me! I will decide tomorrow not to look at clocks all day.

Drove into Boston this morning and dropped S. in Cambridge. Had a generally relaxing day. Corresponded with Brad on some things. Afternoon in room, resting and then we walked to Cambridge. Dinner at Waypoint was fairly lousy I’d say. I got an email from a journalist at Refinery 29 asking for stuff. I wrote the following:

Aries of both sexes tend to be the most objectifying of the sun signs. That is to say that they let their libido do the talking. And if someone strikes their fancy they like to be the one in pursuit. They aren’t necessarily relationship focused. They are most primarily in touch with their libido and where it points them.

Taurus are pretty much the opposite (of Aries). Taurus of both sexes like to be pursued, desired, treasured even. Taurus is attracted by guileless beauty and often partner with people younger than themselves. They are serial monogamists, often having a series of meaningful if short-lived bonds. They go where the love is.

Gemini are looking for fun when it comes to sex. They enjoy courtship rituals and revel in the bells and whistles of relationships.  Light and lively is their motto. They are experimental sexually but not necessarily kinky. When they bond it’s for life. They enjoy open relationships that can allow for some serendipity.

Cancerians are in it for the feels. Sex tends to be loaded for them. They are looking for something emotionally (and otherwise) deep. That said they are the least squeamish, more game characters on the astrological block. They like to explore deeply with a set partner.

Leo men are super vanilla as a rule, drawn to natural beauties. Leo women are magnetized by flashy, passionate types. Leos of both sexes pride themselves on their sexual prowess and primal proclivities which are typically devoid of anything overly psychological.

Virgos are the role-players of the Zodiac, given to more psychological sexual scenarios. Virgo women may embrace a fully submissive stance,  while men of the sign flirt with the idea. Virgos are voyeurs and are more prone to engage in group scenarios than most signs.

Last night we had a show in Cambridge, that’s all I’m going to say about that. I definitely need to step up my oversight of what people will be performing before they do it. Not doing so has resulted in some iffy experiences this year for sure. I am hard pressed to write in some fifteen minute intervals and to use speed as a prime mover here. First we had a Pisces client on this day which is the day of my Pisces mother’s birth. She was quite the character is all I can say. Well it isn’t actually all I can say—rather it’s all I want to say. She remains among the top two people I’ve ever known

I’m going to finish up the Refinery 29 work and see where it goes.

Libra are artistic when it comes to sex. They focus on their talents as lovers and their skills in pleasing partners. For them it’s more about what they bring to the table than what they get. Though they are rather unemotional, they are the most relationship oriented of the signs and tend to mate for life (or try to).

Scorpio, despite their reputation, are not the most unabashedly sexual of the signs. They are most intent on making a deep and meaningful bond. They are naturally seductive, and might utilize their sexuality (inviting others to please them as opposed to vice versa) as a way of locking down a bond with their objects of desire.

Sagittarius surely has the most heightened sense of sex and their own sexuality. It looms large in their experience. They are unabashed in the expression of their desires and more easily break with traditional codes and mores. For them more is more, however you might interpret that.

Capricorn people are the prime movers in their relationships and they partner with creative types who provide inspiration. They are on the whole reserved and find anything beyond a primal sexual connection to be so much bells and whistles. If it goes there, they are into domination.

Aquarius are the least emotionally invested characters in the Zodiac; which is why they have a reputation of being edgy or even freaky. Maybe because Aquarians can be so etherial by nature, they are attracted to decidedly earthy types with a more gritty appeal.

Pisces are a mixed bag, sexually. Pisces woman is drawn to powerful types who might be going places, and they revel in a little binary role play. Pisces men, as prim and proper as they might appear, are attracted to experienced women (even with a past) who know their way around the sexual neighborhood.

Yesterday was one of the truly “off” days I ever remember having in my professional life. It was indulgent but I stayed an extra day in the hotel and took myself for a fattening lunch at my favorite Boston local and sat at the bar and ate and drank pints and chatted with the other fellows that seemed to be in the same mind and mood. It was a fabulous Friday feeling and just a great way to let go of a bit of winter—the weather was an warm and springy oasis in this long lingering winter. I consider myself to be very generous when it comes to other folks, but I’m not sure how generous I am with myself. I actually get pangs of guilt when I offer myself the slightest bit of luxury and yet I’m always happy to luxuriate outhers as best I can—not to say it’s something I’ve been able to do with any kind of regularity over the last several years. A day off in Boston doing nothing in the chilly weather feels like playing hooky for sure. But it was fun to just come back to the hotel and let it all go. I phoned down to the restaurant and asked them to cal me when a place opened up in the corner of the bar and then fell into a nap so deep that the phone must have rang several times before I even heard it and I couldn’t get my body to move to it quick enough before the host gave up. I called back and was directed to come down in fifteen minutes.

When I got there the host’s face was wearing an apology as the two female occupants of the corner where I was to sit had not paid there bill but were outside smoking, presumably. They literally stumbled back in. My feeling was that one of the women, the far drunker of the two, was not quite an out lesbian while her cohort was attempting to push her out of the closet—then again I do have a very (over-) active imagination. They finally left and I slid into place and I noticed this slightly older couple, both silver haired but very youthful, sitting and sipping a bottle of wine the color of which told me it was very good, even from afar. I inquired after it and sure enough it was a very pricey, organic boutielle and my friend the manager had to tell me it was the last one in house. This day was not meant to be about such indulgence but I thought what the ef and settled in for a long evening of slowly sipping nectar while plates of Asian ambrosia were placed in front of me. The place got so packed that I couldn’t get the bartender’s attention when it was time to leave so I just filled my glass and headed out somewhere thinking it will sort itself out (the bill) in the morning. Which it did. They had added a pretty generous tip to the bill which was only semi annoying. I wasn’t necessarily planning on tipping at such a large percentage on the wine specifically. But there it was. And here I am now with the uncomfortable feeling of having tipped into avoidable gluttony, which is taking on a life of its own in various forms.

As I say I feel guilty spluging on myself so to offset the feeling I decided to spend even more, suggesting that instead of being picked up and taken home that we two now spend yet another night and semi replicate the experience. As if this was going to make me feel more balanced. It didn’t but it certainly was fun. There is no denying that. And so a slightly chillier day and a little lazy lunch where I ate a quiche for the first time since 1978 (it was delicious) and I actually spent a second afternoon in a row napping. I called down to the host once again and they have an early rezzie they can give us so down we go. I will most likely order the exact same thing as yesterday—you can psychoanalyze this anyway you want but it’s the truth. We couldn’t have the same wine of course but managed. It was barely dark by the time we finished our meal and headed upstairs, with a dessert to go, where the decadence continued in the form of ordering Mary Poppins Returns on DVR or whatever you call it. I will soon be snoring my head off.

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