In our holiday show at Joe’s Pub last month, I reprised a song I used to do about ten years ago—The The’s Armageddon Days Are Here Again—due to its relevance with the chorus line beginning Islam is rising, the Christians mobilizing. There is another line: You’ll thank the good lord, for raising the Union Jack, you’ll watch the ships sail out to harbor and the bodies come floating back. At Capricorn 18° the Sabian Symbol is The Union Jack Flag Flies From A British Warship, the keynote of which is protection afforded individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order. In its positive form, power must be weilded in order to preserve peace, law and order; but that power easily becomes corrupted. Pisces rules this symbol in a twelve-fold sequence and, as always with that sign, we see paradox, not to mention sea imagery. Apparently, when this symbol appears, a need for protection is highlighted; alternatively, this stands as a warning against using power for selfish purposes.

Capricorn is about status and protection, and it is usually groups and individuals of great status that garner the most protection, along with privilege, unfortunately. We are of course speaking of political power, mainly. That arm of protection can become an expression of exclusivity, creating enclaves wherein even those who live under the same flag can’t enter. Political power is a two-way street, a nod to Pisces’ opposite facing fishes, it provides value and poses danger both.

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