Taurus 7° (April 27)


The summer plans are starting to firm up. And we found out we’ll be traveling mid to late July for our overseas jaunt. Looks like we will be sailing from Sicily which is kind of amazing. It won’t be the usual crew this summer which is a bummer but one should always remain open to new experiences and people and at least we will know a few of the folks. It is pretty great to have these milestones because you can see how much things have changed. For years it felt like not much ever did, but as we move forward, I see an acceleration in my accomplishments. In the meantime I have some major axes to grind. Here is a missive I just sent off.

As you can see from some correspondence below, the Afterglow Festival had several talks over the years about creating a Playwright’s Residency at the FAWC and to fundraise $30K to that end as directed by M. Actually the conversation dated back to a meeting I had with MM before M even took over. I met with M twice in person and he had suggested we raise this $30K and then, when I began to follow up, he changed the story on me (it was in fact like he forgot our whole conversations or at least that was his stance to avoid, I guess, following through on what was a solid plan.

Since D has taken over the Provincetown Theater, he has created a solo-play festival (which is the main thrust of our Afterglow Festival) and has even booked upwards of four artists (some performing the same works we premier) in effect poaching these artists from Afterglow which is a thing one learns to avoid in Tiny Town. Now I see that he is creating a Playwrights Residency with you along the very same lines as what Afterglow and FAWC discussed doing over the last five years. Our Playwrights Initiative already had bothDW and TK on board as advisors to the would be programming (and residency) we sought to collaborate with the FAWC on.

When I tried to get back on track with M and get an understanding of how it is our plans could be “forgotten” or go by the wayside, he became very defensive, and (the symptom becoming the cause) seemed to blame me for my reaction to his sudden reversal of our plans. Anyway, I wanted to go on record with these emails. And you can check any past log books to see the actual four times I visited the FAWC to discuss this. Once with MM, once with S.V., and twice with M, who finally green-lighted the endeavor and then conveniently back-tracked.

I know there is nothing you can do about it. And that you will continue to do this thing I proposed to FAWC, now, with the Provincetown Theater. But I thought you should know of all the hard work and planning I had already put into this and the Pulitzer Prize winning professionals I already on board as the Advisory Board of this Playwright’s Initiative. I will add that over the years I have cast D as a reader in Afterglow shows and even allowed him to direct a solo play that we premiered. I have involved him in what were our Theater Forums (which did in fact result in the positive overturn of the PTC Board and ultimately led to his being appointed Artistic Director. D has been well aware of our programming as well as our future plans. He surely knows our roster of artists. And mention of our plans for a Playwrights Initiative with the FAWC was announced in past outreach to our own board and sponsors, which is something I ran by Michael Roberts in 2015. It was ONLY when I ASKED Robert by email (again see below) if I could specifically say to possible donors that we were raising a separate $30K for this residency he said we should model on the Ohio group that he seemed to forget the entire two in-person conversations and back-tracked, proposing a watered down September event (which was impossible since it was the EXACT same time as our annual Afterglow Festival which happens each September.

You will hear years-old frustration in my note here today. And I must say that seeing a notice of your collaboration with D and Provincetown Theater has certainly stirred my passion. Because I have passion about this and I’ve worked hard on this idea over the years and engaged top people to help me and, as you know in non-profit world, so much of ones free time and energy goes into upwards of eighty hours a week at certain points in the year just to pull of the miracles we do with fundraising and programming and all the rest of it. As we have no brick and mortar, I was so happy that the FAWC had been interested in working together. And it was one thing to have those promises dashed by Michael four years ago, it’s quite another to see my idea now emerge between you and another entity.


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