Taurus 9° (April 29)

The pressure of leaving is ramping up. I’m just going to eat soup and rest for much of the day after making a few trips back and forth to the space. I’ve become very attached to the flat. I will send a note to Raina and Tony and see if that want to have tea on Monday which they do. Today begins a four-day back to back sort of work experience and the distraction will be good. It was a very slow night really but it’s probably good that it was. I’ll speak to EL by phone about his mom being in the hospital suddenly. People have real struggles and one shouldn’t add to other’s heartache. I suppose I am guilty of having done so but it feels like a complete and utter alternate reality looking back. I’m not sure who I was when I reflect. The election, the pandemic, it really took its toll and we went in completely different directions which was very stressful. Sometimes I get glimpses of my future but most times I live in abject fear. 

Leo Man

Leo man is potentially the best at playing the game of life. He loves a good gamble but that’s another story. Leo is authority, license and free will incarnate. And as creative and productive as he can be, Leo takes a leisurely approach to life. Fun, play, for him should be front-loaded, as success and fulfillment can be more easefully had as compared to the rest of us. He must hold that thought. The sign’s motto is I will and he silently wields his strong intentions without pushing it. Excess ambition is in fact anathema to him, and he finds it vulgar in others. Leo has nothing to prove. He is the king of the zodiacal jungle after all. He doesn’t bestow praise, easily, either, for better or worse.  His is a world unto his own. Leo sticks to a small circle and social circuit, around which he makes the requisite rounds of dates for sports, meals, and such. Though he despises show-offs, he is a bit of one himself (he would never admit it), holding forth with endless tales. He thinks it’s unanimous that all eyes should be on him, and he sticks to a loyal audience of acolytes. Fealty is all. And he wonders why he can rub folks the wrong way. He sees it as spreading sincere warmth, He is drawn to goodness and guilelessness in others. Authenticity is his watchword, and he must make his own his superpower. The Sun is his ruler, and he is likewise meant to be a star, at the center. But he needs to understand the power and responsibility in that and guard against tyrannical urges. 

He is drawn to people, places and things with a primal throb, the heart being the body part ruled by his sign which, like the Sun, is the central life-giving force. The heart is the rhythm of life. The 5th astrological house of Leo is that of “co-creation with god;” so Leo mainly finds it his divine right and duty to be as good a sun king as he can; his archetypes thus include Helios and kings David, Solomon and Arthur, as well as their picaresque manifestation in Tom Sawyer and Archie Andrews—his shadow figures include Archie Bunker and Garfield, comic incarnations of  Leo despots like Napoleon, Castro, Mussolini et al. The cosmic noble, Leo takes personally every lousy move others make. If one is to cross his clearly drawn moral boundaries, you directly insult his majesty. And when you’ve been cast out of his realm, you remain so. Something he needs to look at. He is generally a golden boy in his youth, around whom much revolves, typically an athletic class clown who charms with panache. He can at once be emotionally distant and hostile, especially, to other males he finds sneaky or conniving. As he matures, his world can get smaller, his fan base limited to family and a handful of friends. He must resist nostalgia, getting lost in his glory days; taking pains to focus on the future without tripping on it. Many twentysomething wunderkinds are born under the sign; and they risk equating inexorable aging with a weakening of their power. Leo must resist seeing himself as over-the-hill at 35, which falls into the age group ruled by the sign; and consciously, consistently reinvent himself—his biggest challenge. 

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