Taurus 10° (April 30)

Double day. Chaffing madly by the end. Had chicken parm and steak tips and visited the new place. The day event was a funeral and Joann and John were there. Will see EL post work and rent a movie which we I will be too tired to watch. Sigourney Weaver’s character in Working Girl is reminding me of someone, given the revisionist way she has of putting herself forward as the one with the big ideas. 

Leo Woman

If for Leo man life is a game, for Leo woman it is a hunt. She is the most ferociously ambitious of all signs. Wearing her signature predator’s smile, she prowls this life, on the scent of successes for which she hungers. Leo is the mythical Artemis, whom Homer tagged “Lioness amongst women,” a feral, untamable female like Shakespeare’s feline Kit, labeled a shrew, as if that’s a bad thing. Typically left to fend for herself from childhood, Leo doesn’t have much of one. She tends to align herself, hanging out, with adults, be they teachers, mentors, or the school janitor. An A-one overachiever; she is cosmically disinclined to failure in the pursuit of creative goals, leading roles or positions, or awards. All for her is a contest and Leo recognizes little to no competition. Should she fall short of her high self-expectations she can be as self-condemning as she is -aggrandizing. She likewise expects much from others, and those who cut her mustard will reap some reward. She takes pride in contributing to others’ good fortune; indebting them in the process, consciously or not, providing her a power position. She is canny and cunning, and she will definitely cut a….well, think of Artemis, giving chase, flanked by her faithful maids and hounds (both her bitches). In some cases, that’s as much status as Leo’s associates might be afforded. It’s mainly a good thing: For when Leo woman calls you friend, she means it, never one to use the term lightly. She requires the same solid loyalty from others as she bestows; and should you cross her, you will find yourself on the outs without a moments’ notice. Still, when Leo truly loves you, she can never stop doing so—not to say she can’t live without you—as her fiercely doting lion’s heart will forever feel the pain of any kind of love lost. Your fault not hers.

While Leo Man hates phonies, Leo woman is known to “take on” a major persona or many over her lifetime. She is a born believer, especially, that she belongs to some elite echelon, prone to greatness. More superstars are born under this sign than any other, and Leo woman strives to be queen of (fill in the blank): She feels herself endowed greatness and she possesses the tenacity and voracity to be all she can be. She wastes no time and suffers no fools in her quest to be the best version of herself. Even when living the humblest of existences far from any spotlights, she will call the shots and positions herself as indispensable heart and hearth center of her familial universe. Along with Artemis, goddess of the hunt, her main archetype is Hestia, goddess of home and hearth, the most beloved deity around whom all daily, domestic rituals revolved.  And indeed, Leo is most on the hunt in life to create a loving home for herself. Other Leo figures include Bathsheba, Cleopatra, Wonderland’s Red Queen and Oz’s Dorothy. While cardinal signs are the initiators of the Zodiac, the fixed signs that follow them are imitators, and, in Leo woman’s case, honing and perfecting as well as popularizing the genres in which she works and expresses herself. She must beware of becoming increasingly isolated as life goes on.

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