Taurus 11° (May 1)

Was prime rib night. I had some on salad. I’m bloody well exhausted. Will watch Working Girl again from the beginning since I crashed. I decided to take a break from moving things today since Richard returns the 4th and anyway I will work until around ten in the evening. Then will stay up way too late. Around now I may be getting the dreaded without knowing it. Really aren’t eating dinner.

Virgo Man

Virgo man enters doubting—people, places and things must be proven viable to him before he can invest in them. More than defense, it is a default expectation of dis-appoint-ment. It speaks to the shift from the sign of Leo (divine King) to Virgo (the Everyman). He is of the mind that life is what you make of it; that none of us are singled out for any predestined purpose; rather that you create your own existence, and any import thereof, every day, block by block, over time. Nothing is ever quite a done deal for him; life is one great work in progress, and he must learn to seek progress over perfection. Virgo is especially dubious of others’ enthusiasm, and those who take too optimistic a view of life. Healthy skepticism is his superpower, allowing him to critique and diagnose situations, circumstances, environments, and other people. He is the alchemist of the zodiac, seeking to root out the baser elements he encounters and to transmute that which he perceives as flawed or lacking into a more purified state. He cannot abide dysfunction (as he perceives it), the irony of course being that he has his own fair share of defects, chief among them, an inability to be called out for them. Ultimately, he can learn to own that. Nothing and nobody are perfect, he will concede; but there must be a concerted effort toward betterment, amelioration, and human functionality. Virgo operates on humility, not to say he doesn’t have a chip on his shoulder which he must learn to let fall. He supplements any lack he perceives in himself by cultivating expertise in this area or that, which can lend him an erudite air, a sophisticated superiority. He is the zodiac’s original culture vulture.

            While some say the sign is ruled by Chiron, once a planet that was pummeled by asteroids, or the as yet undiscovered Vulcan, the traditional ruler is Mercury. But it is this uncertainty that is most telling. Nothing for him is ever written in stone. He is infamously noncommittal, keeping options open and others guessing. He seeks a solo niche where he needn’t compete, invite comparison or censure; and he can perform disappearance acts, for long stretches or permanently. He believes the human condition is hinged on solitude. Archetypally, he draws on Hephaestus (Roman: Vulcan) the tinker, smith god of the forge, who was disabled, lame, correlating to Ganesh the Hindu god “remover of obstacles.” Virgo’s sixth astrological house is that of function, duty, habits and routine, which the Virgo can elevate to empowering ritual. The sign’s mottos are I work and I serve. Life for him should be a dedicated one devoid of distraction. He is designed to be fully functional human whose ironic goal is to contribute to a common good, all by his lonesome. Other archetypes include Job, Dr. Faustus and Batman.

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