As you well know, how you feel, and how you value yourself spiritually, doesn’t always translate into your actions. For instance, I’m the best person who ever lived; and yet I have done the shittiest things imaginable. Just this year, for instance, in response to a fucked-up friend acting, well fucked-up, I retaliated to such a degree, akin to France and Russia’s bombing campaign post Friday 13. Was it justified? One can make an argument. Was it worthy of me? Not quite. Ego, you see, has a way of waiting in the wings and unexpectedly taking over command central of even the most evolved being. I believe this is the message of the Sabian Symbol at 29° Scorpio: An Indian Squaw Pleading To The Chief For The Life Of Her Children. Now, we’ve had native American tribes and chiefs (Kings of the Fairies) in the previous imagery; but here, we are meant to view the “squaw”, I believe, as the arguably inner female, the ego-less Self, and her children as her knee-jerk actions that occur in spite of her (Self-) centered spirituality. She knows, at the core, that her “offspring” have been impulsive, impassioned, emotional and that it seems to run counter to the “tribe” and the dictates of the “chief”, whom I believe embodies Mind, both our minds and the minds of others.

I started writing this last night and am now just finishing it and, once again, my actions took on an ego-driven life of their own, errant offspring acting out, while my squaw Self looked on, from inside, powerless to stop these rampaging warriors. The squaw, really, is the Soul, which is perfect and which does try to intercede on our behalf, seeking forgiveness and redemption. We are all dual beings and our actions can be literally divisive. The squaw is an intermediary, like Mary who plays mediatrix, interceding on our behalf. This symbol is ruled by Aquarius in a twelve-fold sequence, the Waterbearer being pictured on the Star card in the Tarot. Stella Marris. If you’ve read your Sextrology or anything I or we have written on the subject, you know that we assign the “descending goddesses” the female archetype of the sign. Iris, the messenger goddess of the rainbow, goddess of sea and sky (her father Thaumas was a marine god and her mother Elektra was a cloud nymph)—people wrongly assume that Aquarius is a water sign whilst its dominion is air. Mary, mother of heaven, is also synonymous with Mari (Aphrodite) her blue gown fringed in white, that of the sea and foam. Iris links the gods with humanity, forever playing intermediary.


Here we seek to transcend the dictates of karma, the bad kind of which, we can only blame ourselves for ammassing. Through the character of the squaw, Iris, we transcend, via the rainbow, and connect to our higher soul-power. This connector, personifed as female, is something that exists within all of us. The descending goddess is humbly in touch with humanity, as we must all be through compassion and the embracing of diversity (the rainbow symbol); indeed we do our own karma much benefit by the doing of good deeds for those less fortunate, so we become Iris, and descend from our ivory tower and to help the disenfranchised or those in need of an advocate; at the same time, working upward, we must, at times of our own worst actions or rock bottoms, try to get over that rainbow ourself which is always extended to us by our own higher power.



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