The legally blind seer Elsie Wheeler, who randomly divined these images without knowing which day of the year was already (written on the back of the blank card she was shown) assigned them, might not have got the exact day right but at least she got the right sign, though this is its last day, the holiday falls into. At 30° (aka 0° Sagittarius) we find that Children In Halloween Costumes Indulge in Various Pranks. This marks by 240th consecutive Blague entry, meaning I am two-thirds the way through the year. Time flies when you’re an obsessive compulsive. Anyway, this oracle is something of an escape valve for still-immature energies; it speaks to a ritualized outlet for unevolved feelings, instincts, actions, etc. If we ritualize what we, in Wyckoff, New Jersey, used to call “goosie night”—actually the night before Halloween—we can get our ya-ya’s out, throwing eggs at people’s houses, toilet-papering their trees, smashing their pumpkins, or, what was my personal favorite, switching people’s lawn decorations (people deserve having their garden gnome switched with a far-off neighbor’s black-face lawn jockey (for the very reason they own a garden gnome or a black-face lawn jockey). Anyway, if the “offspring” of the previous image had just waited until the ritually appointed time, they might not need the squaw to intercede on their behalf with the chief. Ritualizing our worst behaviors can be a very healthy thing to do.


If a society, or other collective, is allowed this kind of outlet, they are less likely to rebel or revolt. I think of the ritual, too, of the “downstairs” servants having one day when they are waited on, at table, by their so-called betters “upstairs.” So patronizing that. The rules of the game must be observed, of course. We can’t break windows on goosie night; it’s bad enough owners have to scrape the (often rotten) egg off. In simple terms we are blowing off steam, providing ourselves and others a relief from tension, although it might be the kind of tension, that if allowed to mount, might actual result in a much needed revolution, of thought, perhaps. On this cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius, which is ruled by Pisces in a twelve-fold sequence, we are seeing the dissolution of said tensions so to keep the collective intact. On the individual level, say, with someone having this degree point highlighted in their individual chart, we might be looking at someone who periodically “acts out” in ways that are frowned upon as a means of keeping themselves, basically, within an otherwise more socially or morally accepted frame work. I see the costumes here as pointed to a certain closetedness. We must disguise ourselves in the doing of our prankish (bad) deeds that let off steam for awhile so that we can otherwise stay in the swim of mainstream society. It is, therefore, very much on the theme of compulsion of obsession or repression, finding a way incognito to indulge in behaviors that are normally suppressed.

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