Sagittarius 11° (December 3)


Ah, the sign of Sagittarius with all it’s wild abandon. I don’t know how it is I feel yet today. I have been awake for two hours and it is only just past six in the morning. Today shall include a trip to town to get some food in, and a quick breeze through the vintage shop if it is open. I had crazy dreams full stop last evening; all I really remember is some weird kind of threesome set up (the sex part of which didn’t happen) and that I was going to sell my old car because I already had three others. We watched the Candy Darling doc last evening which was enlightening on a few levels. Anyway I am looking forward to even the tiniest outing to Orleans this morning do to simple things like visit the fish shop and so forth and then I get to CVS where (I won’t go into details) I end up telling the rude as shit pharmacist to go fuck himself. So much for my idyllic sojourn up Cape this morning. It is absolutely a joke. Honestly I feel that if I were six foot tall I wouldn’t have to deal with half the bullying crap I deal with. And then these fuckwads are always so surprised when I don’t take their projectile shit. I moved my prescription back to Provincetown so we shall see what happens. I hate being a person who needs a prescription in any case but what are you going to do. I was so upset I forgot to visit the vintage store which was the main reason I was going in that direction in any case. Oh well there are worse things. I am really trying to enjoy. I did make a complaint to the store manager whom I called. She kept me on the phone for hours using the same phrase (in the title above) over and over to describe how she was going to let the pharmacy manager (of sixteen stores) know. I later saw a message that she called. I’m going to say this.

First of all I have been getting my prescription filled at this CVS for years. And for some reason, at least a half a dozen times, over the years, my information falls out of your system. So I have actually taken that into account and whenever I go to the store I leave extra time. Sure enough I got there and Amy was working the counter. She said there was no prescription ready. I said that I received a text. I had my existing bottle of pills with me as I said I was prepared. She typed it in and said that okay yes she could fill it. I waited about twenty minutes—as I said I left time. All the while casually chatting with Amy and other customers. Meanwhile I can see the pharmacist very sour faced doing his job and noticed he was huffing and puffing a lot, frustratedly. One older woman came in and said she wanted a flu shot. The pharmacist overheard and practically yelled from behind his counter that “I’m not doing flu shots…we are too understaffed.” Meanwhile there had been about three other customers, including the lady, in the last twenty minutes. The old lady said that she had called and them man told her it was ok. The pharmacist overheard this and said “ok I’ll give her a flu shot since she called but nobody else.” Finally he had filled my prescription and when Amy ran it up it $15.99 which is not the price I pay. I say I only pay five dollars. She looked in the system again and saw my previous pickups and that indeed yes indeed I only pay five dollars but she said that somehow my insurance information had quote-unquote fallen out. I told her that this wasn’t the first time—that it happened often. I gave her my card and she put it in again. And said the price was now right. But the register wasn’t processing it for some reason. She kept trying. Finally she asked the pharmacist for help who was extra huffing and puffing and making it obvious to everyone that he was being put upon. I waited another ten minutes or so.

By now I’ve been there probably 30-40 minutes and he suddenly yells out William I can’t do this today it will have to be tomorrow. I said excuse me why is that. And he said very pointedly at me “because you JUST NOW gave us your insurance information and it takes a day.” I said well that’s not true, you’ve had my insurance information for years. It keeps falling out of your system which is not my fault. And as I’m explaining he literally throws his hands in the air and mumbles “I can’t do this” under his breath and disappears behind his work station. Amy looks at me. I look at her. And I said you know what you’re being very rude. He comes out saying I’m not being rude. You just now gave us the card information and there is nothing I can do. I said you are being rude. And I asked for his name. He said Nelson. Then some old man then pipes up and says to me that Nelson really is a very good pharmacist. And I said well that might be true but he’s acting like a rude bastard. At this Nelson raises his voice to say that I am permanently banned from this CVS that he will not fill my prescription today or any other day and that I should leave and never come back to which I said you know what Nelson go fuck yourself. How dare you treat a customer like this. I have been waiting patiently for forty minutes good naturedly and you tell me you can’t fill my prescription and accuse me of being the reason why and then when I try to explain you literally throw your hands up and mumble something under your breath and walk away. If that’s not rude I don’t know what is. So don’t act like suddenly I’m the problem because I’m calling you a rude bastard. And yes you should do exactly what I suggest which is go fuck yourself and in the meantime I’m going to complain about you so that you n ever treat another customer like this again. And so I went to the front desk to ask for the manager and was told she wasn’t coming in for another hour. So I got her name and said I’d call. I walked back to the pharmacy and asked an older woman worker who had newly appeared how to transfer my presription to another pharmacy. She told me what to do. I called Stop n Shop in Provincetown and moved my prescription there. I am very connected here on Cape Cod. I run a non-profit arts agency. And I have a very big presence on social media. I have yet to share my story publically as I thought that first I would have this discussion with you.


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol will be one degree higher than the one listed for today. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 or 6 days per year—so they near but not exactly correlate.


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