I had a feeling these Virgo images were going to get a bit deep and heavy: A Large White Cross Dominates The Landscape is the symbol at Virgo 2° and it’s about the “wisdom and compassion which only the experience of suffering and isolation can bring”, perfect for a Scorpio-ruled oracle in the sign of Virgo. In the previous article we talked about discernment and I even ended with the Starsky + Cox adage on compassion. Today we go a step further, or rather deeper, getting beyond the subjectivity of the ego to really discriminate from an objective point of view. The cross image symbolizes our own crucifixion, that is have come to a crux, a crossroads in our emotional experience whereby part of ourselves has been sacrificed, and that part is all ego. It marks the spot on our spiritual path where we leave the people, places and things of the world of appearances behind and enter into better communion with more exalted beings (like ourselves?). In short, we’ve been put through it and it has deepened our sense of self, which is no longer subject to the erratically blowing winds of surface experience. And yes we may have found ourselves crucified by others in that process, something which was once painful but is now wholly liberating.


Just as, in the former image, we used that (Libra) analytical mind in pulling apart the situation at hand, now we have to sacrifice the tool of the mind which allowed us to perceive the diversity of our experience, all the angles, and feel the deeper emotional resonance. Scorpio is akin to the phoenix and we do rise from the ashes of our former experience but only if we let burn what no longer serves. Understanding arises from the death of the ego and, without looking ahead, I imagine the next oracle, ruled by Sagittarius (motto: I understand) will give form to this expression. But right now we are allowed to feel the death of said ego via this very picture of Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, the destroyer. We must accept the death of a former existence that no longer reflects the more holy individuals we’ve become.


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