Unsurprisingly, Virgo is providing some mystical images. At Virgo 3° the picture is, simply, Two Guardian Angels. It’s the very image of unseen help and protection. When we disceren and then sacrifice the detritus in our life, or it falls away, sometimes violently, making us feel rather crucified we must fear not. Because what emerges in its wake is the realization that there is no void but rather invisible forces that surround and sustain us. Some of us might understand that is the true and constant reality. For others it might take more and more crucifixion. Some never get it. I take heart in the fact that most people who seem to “succeed” in the material world are most divorced from this true reality; sadly, when all externals are stripped away, as they are, ultimately, for everyone, it is more difficult for said Trumps to cope, meanwhile they find themselves never having had even a glimpse of life’s true reality, as it is, suffused with spirit and guidance.


Occultists, among whom I count myself, discern heirarchies, even, in this spiritual realm. There are the hmm-hmms who spiritually entitize the vegetable realm and their are animal spirits and then there are those assigned to we supposed human wardens of the world. When we are stripped bear we may be forced to recognize this; or we might slowly and meditatively seek communion, or both. It’s curious that there are two guardian angels in this image. Let me ponder that a moment. Well I suppose the simple answer is that two angels are better than one; that if we imagine ourselves wounded or stumbling we might need an angel on either side, to lift and carry us. Also you and said angels do form a trinity of sorts. And, if we were to be assigned two angels, there would be some checks and balances. Why it’s fitting that this symbol would be ruled by Sagittarius in a twelve-fold sequence is because Sagittarius is the zodiac’s Seer. And it is the seers of this world, the clairvoyants, who understand that we are not alone. Ever. That when all is stripped away there is something else, not nothing. There is something on the other side of our personal crucifixions, that is the crux of all existence. Be happy when things are stripped away. Be happy when the noise of distractors, if not your detractors is silenced by their alienation. For in their wake is something that sustains you in this life and beyond. I think of Joan of Arc and her saints and angels. I think of the many seers with their knowing smiles. Happiness is the connection between our inner strength and our conscious mind.


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