Taurus 22° (May 12)


So it’s mother’s day and I’m going to stay put after all. I was going to go to Boston then on to Portland but I’m staying put after all. The weather is supposed to be cold and rainy and crappy. When does it not rain. I feel as if the clime has really shifted and we have English weather or something. Anyway, I was going to meet my friend Ken but he is going anyway and I would be making a special trip. Besides I’ve got a boat load of stuff to do and I should hunker down and do what’s on my plate. There is a computer geek I might reach out to as lord knows we need one. Going to take it easy mostly and maybe get some nice beer in house. I’m loving that Devil’s Purse I have to say and as beer always makes me snore it’s best I drink it when I’m alone and have the chance without ruining someone else’s nights sleep. Basically, it being Sunday, I’m just existing long enough to watch Game of Thrones in any case. I wonder if there is any benefit to being on LinkedIn. I’m going to say no. It hurts my feelings when people I’ve been friends with don’t return my direct messages. I know it shouldn’t but there is this one person who pursued and befriended us when we first moved to Provincetown years ago and we hung out and really enjoyed time together, though I always felt that she thought we could be of some benefit to her. She was frustrated I think because her acting career didn’t take off despite the fact she was the offspring of famous writer/actor (and an heiress mother, which didn’t hurt) without ever having to work a day in her life. She was in her thirties then. And lo and behold in her 40s her career did actually take off and she doesn’t now give us the time of day. I find it so weird. I guess she’s just one of those people who see other people as either serving a purpose for her or not. She is married to this guy who also has never had to work a day in his life. Her mother bought them houses here and there and he’s just this hipster that skulks around. They really are the biggest phony baloneys on the planet and yet, damaged individual that I am, I still feel hurt that they seem to blow me off. I really shouldn’t be I know. Anyway I’m going to stop there because I sound too sad-sacky otherwise. I’ll just add one thing: They have kids who are young teens, barely so, and they are already stuck up little prigs as well.

Well GOT was kind of a let down despite the high production values. I mean they are setting it up to make Dany just some hysterical woman. And we spent years watching people slowly travel north to south and back again over whole seasons and now it seems people can just beam from place to place. I thought last week was bad enough: That we can defeat the Night King in one episode. Really? After all that build up? It just took a dagger? And now this week we fight an entire other war and, while last week a dragon was knocked from the sky by a single arrow, okay two arrows, and Dany had to flee on her ride, this week she manages to wipe out the entire fleet in one go and then destroy an entire city. Suddenly, I guess, dragon fire has the power to cut through stone. I don’t know, it’s a shame that I’m becoming disappointed. And how the fuck are they going to wrap up all remaining story lines in one last episode. I think it will be the obvious. Honestly, I hope Jon (Kit Harrington bugs me and always has) and Dany kill each other. I kind of hate them both. And that Sansa gets the throne somehow with Arya as her hand. That would be my vote. Meanwhile Sophie Turner is already now an action hero in the Xmen franchise taking over the Jean character from Famke. S. said that it all seems like a big fuck you. Like the point of it was just to have all these actors, directors and the lot making big bank, which they have done. Apparently in the books, which I’ll never have time to read, the Catlyn Stark character didn’t die but sort of lived on as a different shadowy entity. I would have liked to have seen her. I liked the Red Woman the best. But here I am talking about GOT because apparently I GOT nothing better to do.


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