Gemini 0° (May 21)


Heading to Boston today for two nights. I could definitely use a little city time that isn’t the NYC variety. Something a bit more bite-sized. And it’s such beautiful weather. I’ve just started to try the world of gummies and I have to say I haven’t slept better in ages. I have noticed recently that the most dysfunctional characters I know are those whom you’d like would be the opposite—those who spend ten or more hours a week in their “in the rooms” and have done so for decades. How can it be that so many years of so called recovery work results in people exhibiting the most unconscionable behavior. Give me a conscious, kind wine-o anyday over a selfish cutthroat in some kind of program designed to perpetuate their assholism. I do realize this doesn’t apply to everyone who is in a program and that it does do wonders for people who otherwise might die. But from my years of experience living in a town that is heavily populated and influenced by the AA crowd that they are one selfish set of people who have lost the ability, it seems, to live in a world outside of their cliqueish bubble. And no sooner am I holding this thought then I have a meeting with someone who expresses this exact same sentiment; drilling down on the subject of an ongoing tormentor in their life who is also addicted to meetings. I think that’s what meetings mainly do. They become the substance that addicts swap in for whatever drug of choice they (and should!) swap out. I just don’t know if they ever develop the tools to truly function in the real world. The addicts I know who really soar in life are typically ones that don’t do the meeting thing. But who have built their own backbone through other means of self-empowerment. For so many meetings are a place to hide and lock in the freshness of their bad behavior and attitudes. I suppose that is enough of a rant for today. We did have a nice walk as we waited for the room to be ready. Got some almond-milk lattes at Thinking Cup and went over to James Perse and Cartier. Had a client in the late afternoon, with whom we were meant to have dinner; but she had to cancel so we walked to Haley.Henry on Province Street. It was really fun place and we had a blast and walked home as well. We are getting lots of exercise. Oh and we went by the CBD store and got some hard candy. Yay.

I want to get some Leo thoughts down on paper:

Leo people are best at giving themselves license, another aspect of authority. They love to green-light projects, their own and others. Many top directors (not to mention dictators) have been Leo. They take pride in running the proverbial show. It is a source of pride—and their prime objective is to make themselves increasing proud. If that Cancerian flood myth spells promise (ark, in both senses of the word) then Leo seeks permanence in the fulfillment of a covenant or compact they make with themselves: to create something lasting in this life. Cancer people seem all potential, while Leo folk present as fully self-possessed, the former needing others, the latter equipped to provide to others. Leo rules the ages of 21-28, that of maturity, the sign symbol depicting the lion’s mane, signifying peak power, or the lion’s tale, an indicator of their ferocious intent, even of the loving kind. The fifth astrological house is that of legacy, and Leo people more readily set upon building their keep, their stronghold, fixing their fire (read: passion), and building their world around it. And when we say world we mean other people. Leo may be autocratic but s/he isn’t a loner and relies upon the support of others lest their edification be but a castle in the sand. Leo’s create for themselves and others. The create worlds. Robert Redford springs to mind as does his on-the-nose Leo-themed Sundance. Leo people are like the hearth themselves bidding others to circle around them.

The hearth is not only that which provides warmth and protection (from wild influences) but it also gives rise to creativity. One imagines the first jokes and stories being told and the first cave paintings being created in a convivial glow. Surely its where creative plans were discussed and launched. A literal fixed fire giving rise to purest creativity. In our book Sextrology the male and female Leo chapters are entitled The Naturaland The Knockout, respectively, speaking to both the authenticity and winningness associated with the sign. The fifth astrological house is that of leisure activities, fun and games; and Leo people are the best at playing the game of life, in both their ability to achieve success and fulfilmment but, moreoever, to approach life as much as an amusement along the way. Helios runs a daily chariot race. Arthurian legend begins, middles and ends with contests. While men of the sign can be eternal class clowns for whom fulfillment means dedication to their most burningest passions even if they don’t make bank—in fact many a Leo man will live frugally and/or close to the land, if not go totally native—Leo woman, on the other hand, are more ardent in their need to score big wins in life. We think of the actual lion, the male doing a good deal of roaring (scaring and scattering would-be prey) while leaving the actual hunting to the females who lie  and wait in ambush. Along with the home and hearth protectress Hestia, the goddess of the hunt, Artemis, whom Homer called “lioness amongst women” also a protectress (of wild things) shares the top archetypal spot for the Leo woman. A modern incarnation would be the feline named Katniss Everdeen of Hunger Games fame, a Leo model if ever there was one. Leo women are the most hungry of all human creatures for successes they passionately believe are due them and they will stop at nothing to be crowned queen of whatever they deem their rightful, natural sphere of influence. And they are just as passionately ardent in the expression of their affections. The fifth house is also that of “the love you give;” and Leo, women especially, are brutally loving and a mate will find out the full range of meaning, here, should they betray the fidelity of her relationship. The fifth house is also that of love affairs, while neither men nor women of the sign tend toward a quantity of them—instead they seek permanent bonds that provide an eternal passionate flame. Tennessee William’s Maggie The Cat wants to start a fire with her one true love, but Brick doesn’t burn like that.

Mostly Leos are bent on having a great love affair with life itself, taking great big voracious bites out of it. For these co-creators with god, theirs are not mere passions but sacred flames divinely ordained to be realized and so it becomes the Leo person’s duty to fully realize that which is natural endowed to them. Concsiously or not they see themselves as divine instruments, which can see them playing god all too often. This is hingepin of their superpower and shadow side. Something TK about Jungle Law.



To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol will be one degree higher than the one listed for today. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 or 6 days per year—so they near but not exactly correlate.


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