Libra 14°

I wrote the following on this actual day:

Working on Gemini book on the weekend. Found out Stella went to high school with Johni Marchinko which is a really fun name. And speaking of “Will & Grace” there have been good and bad episodes, back to back; but on the whole the show is on the up. It’s fast and furious. Rosario’s death was so sad and so funny.

And that was about it. Now, looking back, I realize I was struggling a bit to come up with things to say. I’m not usually at a loss for words like this.

(Note: That which is in ital is being written at a much later date then when this above Blague was originally meant to appear. That which is unitalicized were notes I jotted at the actual time to trigger me into writing something on that day. Over 90 days total went by where I didn’t publish Blagues. I’m guessing that some time late January 2018 I might “catch up” to myself.)


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