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I was looking forward to the upcoming trip: I don’t know what’s on my mind but I know I have to get the costumes ready for the Scotland party. People typically speak in present tense when recalling a past dream. If I were to look back on this week on a calendar, I would see that on October six, I was in New York, staying at the Marlton, meeting clients, days after Stella performed her show, Birth of the American Baroness, at Dixon Place.

It was very warm in early October, I was reeling from some events that entwined personal feelings with professional aims, mainly thwarted. I was happy to be in New York and even happier to have a bit of time to myself to sort out sadder feelings and indulge more desirious ones, which is always fun. It is always a balancing act for we Libras for whom certain enlightenment always comes at a cost, be it material or friendly relational.

 I was so proud of Stella for putting on yet another grand incarnation of her piece and was so happy that synchronicity brought her good friend Griet from Belgium to NYC for that night by gum. Also in the house were new friends who flew down from Toronto and a heartwarming array of fellow performers, mainly women, who came out to show support. We ended up in our hotel suite with the Toronto pals dancing into the wee hours. So much fun, but not so much the next day when having to drive back to Massachusetts. Funny to think that just three weeks later we would be on a flight to London. I had a dozen ebooks to prepare for publication. But mainly, as I recall, I worked with clients and took daily beach walks—all October was beautiful—collecting debris for our party constumes.

(Note: That which is in ital is being written at a much later date then when this above Blague was originally meant to appear. That which is unitalicized were notes I jotted at the actual time to trigger me into writing something on that day. Over 90 days total went by where I didn’t publish Blagues. I’m guessing that some time late January 2018 I might “catch up” to myself.)


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