A Chinese Woman Nursing A Baby Whose Aura Reveals Him To Be The Reincarnation Of A Great Teacher is, in a twelve-fold sequence, the Virgo-ruled oracle for 12° Cancer. Symbolically it represents inherent or latent value in an experiece, the revelation of it’s deeper meaning. In the preceding symbol we needed to laugh at pomposity, to take well-known personalities down a peg; here we have the opposite experience, in the undeveloped being, a babe, who doesn’t have a great put-on personality but an inherent power and importance. Just as we are the pompous figure needing the piss taken out of us; we are also all potentially enlightened (or at the least, enlightenable) beings. In this case the baby is an avatar of a great teacher; the notion of Virgoan service being intrinsic in that role.

Dane Rudyar feels that the Chinese nationality of the woman might be a mistake. That the psychic Elsie Wheeler who divined these symbols might have seen a Tibetan woman. I think it is of little importance other than we are meant to understand the eastern provenance of the image where reincarnation, the most occult manifestation of a cycle of life, is espoused most readily. We might ask ourselves what our true purpose might be or why it is we were (re)incaranted into this life. To what are we in service. What have we to give or to offer. Surely we aren’t meant to be just big personalities needing a good toppling from the worldly pedestal on which we might find ourselves plopped—our true greatness is spiritual greatness which the form of the baby cannot bely. Our great personalities are indeed masks that might cover our latent power. Can we let yesterday’s oracle provide catharsis and strip away our pride so we can be, metaphorically speaking, as naked as a babe, that we might glean deeper, essential purpose to our being?

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