A Clown Caricaturing Well-Known Personalities is the oracle today at 11┬░ Cancer. We need not take ourselves so seriously. In fact we might do well to bring ourselves down a peg or two. Humor is a powerful means of letting the steam out of pomposity just as it is a tool for tackling social ills. We are all fallible and we all make mistakes. It’s important to laugh at ourselves and this symbol is a good reminder of the fact. We can be the clown and mock our own aspects of self that smack of some form or other of superiority. It is interesting to note that this oracle is ruled by Leo in a twelve-fold sequence. Leo is associated with fame and being the center of attention. It is also, in its link with the astrological fifth house, about fun and amusement and men (or boys) of the sign are often class clowns, a form of bucking authority. Like crying (associated with the sign of Cancer, cardinal-water, tears) laughter, part of the Leo estate, also provides catharsis. We may have been conditioned to be high and mighty, and we certainly want to have a healthy ego, however self-deprecation in small doses┬ácan let the steam out of outsized egos.

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