Gemini 5° (May 26)


I was up for a bit of the night—watched The Kids Are Alrightwith the sound off. I need to perfect my gummy game to get the right amount of sleep moving forward. I’m a bit haunted by two things: 1) a tad too much overspending as of late (going to put the brakes on there) and 2) the speaking of my mind (to a fault) for which I can’t do anything but forgive myself. If push comes to shove I will shove back. And I have to be okay with that. If I can’t handle the aftermath of speaking my mind then I shouldn’t do so. But I feel a bit better about it than I did and you know what, too bad if people can’t handle my speaking up and out against their bad behavior. I see so many sychophants getting away with murder in the form of character assasination that it irks me to no end. I see the victims of this and feel they share one thing: a certain human frailty that largely goes unforgiven. There is little compassion in this slice of American life—I don’t know what happened to people on the whole, but I shudder to think that it has to do with the present administration as that would mean that the meanness hasn’t caused the required pushback but has been normalized and absorbed even by we the supposed caring crowd.

Anyway today is about meditating on new Capricorn ideas.

The Capricorn motto is I use which is to day I don’t waste, neither time nor energy, or fritter away that which is worth preserving on that which on that which is not sustainable. The goat is built for the ascent but here’s the rub: Capricorn is the Sea Goat, and it has this fishy bit, which carries paradoxical meaning. Water sybmolizes intuition something Capricorns have in abundance, it also signifies emotion which we hope will fuel the Capricorn, not drag them down. The amphibious Sea Goat is also the perfect being to inhabit a metaphorical moutain-lake environment, the reservoir formed by restrictive power. Shan-gri-la is like golden-age Arcadia, where nobody ages. Just as the cardinal-water sign of Cancer, the so-called opposite of Capricorn, is the source, Capricorn is the resource; and just as Cancer is associated with the archetype of Cinderella, so is Capricorn personified as the fairy god mother, a female personification of one’s higher power. Capricorns, whose birthright energy is faith, tend more than others to be one and the same with their higher power. And on the male side, we associate going to the mountain with, among other archetypes, old Moses, who let’s himself go grey via the experience, just as baby Moses, going from mother to mother along the (cardinal-water) river, is associated with Cancer, ruled by the Moon, the mother principle in astrology. Just as the fairy godmother comes with strict instructions (the sign of Capricorn at the very top of the Zodiacal wheel, at twelve o’clock, the stroke of midnight) so too does Moses receive and thus deliver a list of rules and regulations, restrictions—shalt nots!—to lay on us, ten to be exact, the number associated with Capricorn. God also told Moses to build his tabernacle out of goat hair, one might guess, because of it’s enduring, eternal qualities.

That fishy bit of the Sea Goat, on the flipside of symbolizing feeling and intuition, also amounts to a bit of emotional baggage. Again, the sign’s motto should be triggered here, and the Capricorn individual should use it as fuel to further their ascent in life. The body parts ruled by the sign include the knees, the skeleton and the skin, which, taken metaphorically, points to pray or certain supplication, structure (and a love thereof), and that notion, again, of containment. The scapegoat derives from the worship of the goat-god Baal and worshippers would heap their own baggage and troubles and sins upon the back of said goat and send it off away, thus ritualizing their atonement. The signature melancholy that can be associated with Capricorn people speaks to this serious sense of renunciation and retibution inherent in the sign. There is an aspect to their life where they are forever doing penance. And ask any Capricorn if they feel scapegoated in general in their lives. Like many things astrological we can’t fully explain, most Capricorn people are left holding the bag as early as childhood, burdened with the care of fellow siblings or even their parents, having to be the grown-up in the room well before a normally appointed time. And, as we’ve seen, and not without fault or reason, the Capricorn man, especially, might suffer some pretty public displays of being scapegoated. Richard Nixon; Mel Gibson; Phil Spector, et al. Incarceration is, after all, a vivid manifestation of containment. Such drastic examples aside, the Capricorn experienced is hinged on the sign’s most potent superpower, that of Faith, the shadow-side of which is Fear. The word panic comes from that goat-god Pan. The word tragedy comes from the Greek tragodiameaning goat song. The color ruled by the sign is black, a color typically worn by priests and nuns, as it is meant to absorb negativity, to take on that responsibility, as to save the rest of us, much the way they pray, on their Cap-ruled kneecaps, for the good of all humanity. We’ve said it before but: Capricorns by nature put the nun in renunciation.

In our book Sextrology, the Capricorn male and female chapters are titled The Stickler and The Sleeper, respectively, pointing to the hard-line traditionalist energy, as well as the subtle but enduring, slow-burn success associated with the sign. Capricorn rules the ages of 62-69, the usual age of retirement falling into that span. Their love of loafters, ascots, caftans, sandals and other such leisure wear not withstanding, people of the sign embody the mindset of having already achieved their desired life goals. There is something of a self-help lesson in that as the Capricorn naturally acts as if; and though natives of the sign are no strangers to steep climbs, uphill battles and other such tests of endurance they are paradoxically the most accepting, least rushed and, sometimes seemingly unambitious of folks as their life journeys are taken up gradually with constant opportunites for stopping to smell the roses and enjoy the view, all the while being steady as she goes. Because they more readily accept the difficulties of life, they tend to process them more thoroughly, if not readily; and as a rule life becomes easier, and the Capricorn character more light-hearted over time. Of all the signs, they are the hands-down late bloomers. To boot, they don’t suffer burnout the way the rest of us can, as they allow even the harder knocks in life to toughen them up, conditioning their body, minds and spirits, so they become increasingly able to not only withstand but transcend what might trip up others. They are especially impervious to the opinions of others, exuding what might considered a natural superiority—the tenth house is that of status as well as public life—presenting as unflappable and insouciant and forever going higher, lest we forget Michelle Obama is born under this sign, as are other people, women especially, whom we might ultimately label iconic (never lightweight) including Betty White, Patti Smith, Maggie Smith, Annie Lennox, Dolly Parton, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mary J. Blige, Marelene Dietrich, Diane Keaton, Katy Sagal, Sissy Spacek, Annie Lennox, not to mention some supermodels called Kate, Christy and Helena all of whom seem to improve with age, none of whom are swayed by outside opinion.


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