I believe that when these Sabian sybmols were divined, post WWI, that Holland was distinguished, as it still is in large part, as a freethinking place, such that today’s oracle, Two Dutch Children Talking To Each Other, Exchanging Their Knowledge would carried and extra liberal, open energy, added to the fact that we are focused on the unjaded minds of children. Making them Dutch is like a cherry on top. I’m not clear how we have evolved from speaking telepathically, as we did yesterday, to children sharing knowledge in a more conventional manner, but not every image in this symbol system speaks to me every day. We are under Gemini rule in a twelve-fold sequence; here at 14° Gemini in any case. So two individuals again does seem fitting. Dane Rudhyar points out that this is about like-mindedness. I would say it is the formation of like-mindedness.

We all know how important it is to have free interchange with someone we find shares our views and to forge an intellectual bond, especially, early in life is something elemental. I’d like to imagine that these Dutch children became lifelong friends and as older people still sat together to meld their minds. It’s something so surely missing in our modern world with its narcissistic and technological disconnects. And it’s not something endemic to my experience; but something I surely welcome. Time spent conferring with peers can be priceless. There is an objectivity that is available in sharing thoughts on this simple level. We all need sounding boards and validation for our subjective notions. One can see the two children as the different sides of one brain because our own minds are dual by nature—we hash things out, we inner dialogue, with ourselves, weight pros and cons of any thought or action. What this image lacks in earth-shattering realizations it makes up for in confirmation of the natural workings of our mental mechanisms.

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