Only the sign of Cancer could rule this symbol for Gemini 16°: A Woman Activist In An Emotional Speech Dramatizing Her Cause, what with the words emotional and dramatizing. Such a passionate need for expression is what’s called for to put something over to those who are still unaware of the cause at hand. The public is a necessary component in today’s equation. I feel like this every time I promote a show or a benefit for the Afterglow Festival, both of which I’m doing simultaneously today. It’s not enough sometimes to put things across intellectually, or to exchange ideas just amongst your peers; often it is necessary to get on a soap box and start speaking from the heart or gut in this case. Expression. It’s a very Cancerian word, something we will talk about in our show at Joe’s Pub on the Solstice on the day we enter that sign. Like this “Blague” our shows are about shared experience, talking about the energy of the time of year—month, week, in this case day—and extracting the universal nuggets of truth and guidance, as well as laughing along with the cosmic jokes at our expense.

We have to be impassioned to sway the people just as we have to be funny enough to slay them. Rudhyar points to this day and Zodiac degree as that of the proselytizing mind, something I feel I employ a great deal of the time, more than most. I suppose things might be easier if I focused solely on for-profit endeavors that were just about me and isolating rather that always having to convince others of something of value that might help them and the community at large. I’m not wired for that, (un)fortunately. And there are more important things, surely, than what I’m often on a soapbox about. But we all have to do our part in our small ways and we must do that which moves us. Raising consciousness and lifting spirits are the things that move me personally. And these aren’t things I can do in isolation. They require my proselytizing. So just when I think all I’m doing is falling on deaf ears a symbol like this comes along to inspire me. So watch out folks because I’m going to be pulling out all stops starting today trying to get word out on all the things I feel emotionally driven to express.

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