At 17° Gemini, The Head Of A Robust Youth Changes Into That Of A Mature Thinker, is the Sabian Symbol du jour. It’s really interesting to note that Dane Rudhyar, who doesn’t purport to subscribe to a twelve-fold sequence, likens yesterday’s image “the woman way” of expressing, and today’s to “the man way,” as yesterday’s symbol was ruled, in my twelve-fold view, by Cancer, governed by the Moon (the mother principle) and today’s oracle is thus ruled by Leo, under the power of the Sun (the father principle). The legends of the Leo male archetype are all hinged on boy becoming man, whether it be the robust youth of King David, King Arthur or even Tom Sawyer, the lion’s mane being a symbol of full-fledged masculinity. I get it: Women are emotional and men are more mental. And my name is Walt Cleaver.

We are meant to see this image as “the transformation of physical vitality into the power to build concepts and intellectual formulations through which knowledge can be transferred.” You know: mens’ work. Rudhyar sees this as the transformation of emotion into mind, of instincts into thought. But my medation on this, given the Cancer-Leo pass of the baton is rather free flowing emotion into a honed burning passion—akin to the cardinal-water sign of Cancer to the fixed-fire sign of Leo. Ironically I don’t find this image particularly thought-provoking; or perhaps it’s a matter of having a plethora of things on my own mature (read: ancient) mind.

It’s funny today I was in a quandry about whether to stay at my computer chipping away,writing and producing my myriad self-imposed assignments, all of which I love to undertake—although I would prefer they didn’t happen all in clumps—or get my fast becoming a wee bit too robust self out for some exercise. I am a big believer in staying physically active and I do find that it does indeed transmute into great thought. Some of my best ideas come while sweating my tush off; although it’s always a challenge to remember the thoughts as they arise as one can’t always stop to jot thoughts down while in the middle of certain exercise that requires something of a meditative countenance. And I truly believe that one has to be of a certain physical vitality to fuel ones passions; otherwise they will constitutue a drain, one end of that doubly burning candle. Personally I can only burn one end at a time though I prefer not torching either.

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