At Leo 28° we consider Many Little Birds On The Limb Of A Big Tree, an oracle ruled by Cancer in a twelve-fold sequence. The main thrust is that of multiple potentialities, a nod to the sign of Cancer’s energy of promise and deliverance. Birds signify spiritual flight, and the multiplicity of them in this image points to their being a surplus of choices by which one might further their spiritual journey. Even when it comes to our own burgeoning illumination, we can feel out on a limb, needing to focus our soulful energy in a specific direction. In the end all spiritual paths lead to the same destination and we needn’t fret about this vehicle or that on route. But as our vision expands we must actually fight our expanding mind, open to possibilities, and put our faith all in one direction. We mustn’t get lost in the Cancerian flood of numerous spiritual potentiality lest we face the same dynamic of distraction as we do from the multifold minutae of dailing living. We actually benefit from limiting our vistas, which might sound ironic.

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