The Luminescence Of Dawn In The Eastern Sky is the symbol for Leo 27°. In the previous image, we were shown the connection between our material, mortal (earth) and our divine (sky) selves through the image of the rainbow. It showed us our inherent worth and promise—and also the promise of our lower self in marriage to our higher, a link that we mustn’t break. Today we not only accept this link, we seek to blend it in ourselves, making this the crux of our divine-human duality. Fittingly, this oracle is ruled by Gemini, the sign of duality which isn’t essentially one of polarization of opposites but the realization that so-called opposites are the same. The alpha and the omega is the same point on a cyclical vision of existence. And so we are now aglow with this blended self of being divine humans as we embark on a new journey, as does the Sun, beginning with dawn in the eastern sky. It is thus we live as illuminated beings. Let’s give that a whirl, shall we.

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