“Revelation of worth” is the message of Leo 26°, After The Heavy Storm, A Rainbow. It is ruled by Taurus, in a twelve-fold sequence, and that sign is indeed synonymous with value and worth. The rainbow, of course, is a symbol of promise and in the biblical sense it is emblematic of a new covenant. We have made it through the desert, weathering any dearth by virtue of our self-reliance, and now we are deemed valuable and worthy of investment, on the level of spritual union (with the divine aspect of ourself or god). We have come face to with our divine archetype and we must keep this link unbroken. The Rainbow is a symbol, too, of divine communication, our colorful pathway to our divine selves and messaging. We must keep the channels open between the sky and earth elements of ourselves, embracing the totality of ourselves, the full range of our true colors. This is an image of self-acceptance as the precursor of the promise of success—guess what, folks, you can’t have one without the other.

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