Sagittarius 9° (December 1)


I’d like to think I’ll be getting things accomplished today but I’m still feeling so poorly. Still, I will soldier on, stay up in my office, and get done what I can. At times my mind swirls with ideas but it will happen when I’m washing dishes or vacuuming the house or something. Never when I’m seated in front of this screen typing away. There are still window screens to remove and I will get to that today as well. I also have to write to the Hotel Florato see what they have to say in regard to that last week in March. I think that shall be the best time to go in the end because we can truly travel light and leave everything at Dom and Nan’s (perhaps even at their office). I suspect we will hear back from them soon. I am looking forward to seeing the finances thus far of that particular buisness. Playing my cards right, I can come to understand myself and my own needs in the next four months. I know this sounds like quite a sharp turn from what I might have said previously but the fact is that I am writing different sentences on different days, once again, over the course of several entries. I have become so trapped feeling in so many various aspects of my life in which my relationship to bridges is just a part that I now must get underneath it all and attempt to return to some semblance of peace and self-understanding. I will devote myself to the care of one other individual as my one sacrifice in this world which can be enough. Otherwise I must be free to go inward. I must continue this journey. I am so aggravated right now you have no idea. As I’m writing this I am again interrupted by a circular conversation in which I want no part. So much hot air being blown around talking about how busy one is and how there isn’t enough time. It is such a ridiculous illusion and one in which I’ve had a part, admittedly. I just need to wake the fuck up right now and move forward on what is truly important. I have been kicked to the curb so many times over the course of the last decade I am no longer vulnerable. Anyway I have not much time for this sort of thing. I must prepare for Tuesday’s meeting:

So, with all we are doing these days, it was decided that I should lead on this. I first want to begin by saying that there are two parallel lines I’m exploring in preparation this. One is with A., who is the designer for our company, who has expressed interest in doing this and has also begun the process of sussing out for us what it might entail to produce this collection. Basically I have asked her as many questions as I could think of in envisioning the entirety of this process, and she has gone away to do some research and development on that score. But the bottom line is that this is something she can do. She would really be overseeing it. And it would entail making things in Turkey and so forth. Obviously, besides the logistics of the project I have asked her to suss out pricing from soup to nuts. Unlike our existing collaboration on the tee shirts, where Tim-Scapes is footing the bill and putting out initial costs, etc, it would be our business that would be spearheading the jewelry collaboration. Which brings me to the other parallel line for doing this project which is putting together some kind of structure between Starsky + Cox and your company because, again, we would be working opposite from the way we’ve been working. And in putting together an agreement, which we will ultimately do, which Marilyn will wave a wand over, we have to sort out that side of things, the collaborative side. Ideally, as you may have already discussed with S., we would have one agreement which would encompass everything. The agreement we have now is overly complicated as it is based on a licensing agreemeent. Marilyn thinks we need a simple two-page letter of agreement.

One simple agreement should detail the bi-directional nature of the arrangement: how for tee-shirts and perhaps other products under your purview, things would operate pretty much the way they have operated—I know you have already shifted to a 50/50 way of thinking if not operating; it would simply also state and detail that when it came to the jewelry line and perhaps other things down the road, it would operate in the opposite fashion, with our company leading and handing out percentages. It is possible we might need two separate agreements in the end—that it might be too tricky to put this all in one document—then again, Marilyn seems to feel that it could work under one comprehensive document. At least that is my understanding. But there is stuff to tackle even before we get there.

First, the model for the jewelry, even though we would be selling direct to consumer, would be that of a cost to wholesale to retail formula—that we would be “buying” the jewelry from ourselves to sell in our shops, taking both markups for ourselves. This would allow us to retail to other shops as well should a Nordstrom or that type of store want to buy for many doors. The tee-shirts, as they exist now, are not manufactured on that model. The wholesale price is in effect the retail price which prohibits us from offering them anwhere else but in your shop and online direct from us. With the jewelry we would need to sell through all money we first layout before we got to a 50-50 split, meaning the split is on net not gross. This is really the way we imagined the tee-shirts would have operated too but my suspicion is that you didn’t actually wait until you had been paid back your initial outlay before you began offering the 60/40 and now 50/50 split. So that too will need to be addressed before we sign a new deal. So my first question to you is: Has Tim-Scapes paid itself back for the money it originally put out? By rights this should come off the top of the gross. So really my question is: Each tee shirt sold first pays back its own individual production cost and then we go to split. With the jewelry we will be looking at making back all the production.


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol will be one degree higher than the one listed for today. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 or 6 days per year—so they near but not exactly correlate.


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