Obeying His Conscience, A Soldier Resists Orders is the symbol at 21° Scorpio. It depicts a readiness to face the results of a refusal to follow the authoritarian patterns of an aggressive society. As we find ourselves engaged in activities that are traditional to our world culture, we often come to a crossroads between our individual value system, prescribed by our conscience, and the external expectations, demands, put upon us by society. Fittingly, this oracle is ruled by Gemini in a twelve-fold sequence. That sign, governed by Mercury, named for the spritely god of the crossroads, is hinged on duality. But, you say, we’ve just broken through duality—I’ve been reading your Blague. Ah, but there is always another crossroads, crux, crisis to face as we upwardly spiral along the path of the Zodiac. This is an obvious image in the sense that we understand that war, a move of mass consiousness/delusion, puts demands on an individual soldier who might suddenly sprout a hibiscus from his gun barrel. But let’s extend our minds beyond the symbol to find more scope, shall we?

Wherever you or I take a stand against the traditional tide, we know there will be consequences. At the very least we will be labelled a subversive—ah, now that’s a Scorpio word we can hang our hat on. Whether as conscientious objector, rebel or revolutionary, we will be spurned and outlawed. Robin Hood is the perfect example of the Gemini-Scorpio construct and, if you’ve read your Sextrology, you’d know that he is a prime Gemini male archetype, a mercurial character akin to Puck, Peter Pan, Jack Sparrow or other such flighty (winged) men in green tights. He saw injustice and went underground, the Geminian spirit being rebellious and rogue and ringleading. But Scorpio deepens that underground element. We aren’t swinging around on principles; we are dissenting from a deeply spiritual place whereby we are prepared to make the ultimate surrender of our ego-less nature and sacrifice our self to the cause, knowing, that we shall make the force of that resistence all the stronger. This is some serious Obi Wan shit.


All powerful society finds it isn’t so when faced with individuals who are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice. And really, isn’t the soldier already prepared to do that for the society bent on war? So, is this simply not a shift in sacrifice to Peace instead. Peace and personal liberty. Because even the society, to which the soldier is in endentured service, cannot lay claim to his soul-conscience, which is ever free. We are always free so long as we have slain our ego and fear of some terrible consequence (death?) which awaits us beyond the velvet veiled chamber of Persephone enthroned in Pluto’s undercastle. We are always free to follow our conscience wherever it leads. If it leads to dire consequence that shall only serve to solidify the bonds of fellow like minds yet living. Scorpio is always about merger, solidarity—its fixed-water assignation is a crystalization of feeling, desire. True desire, to my mind, is a divine principality deep within us; real estate owned by the All that has a stake in us from whence it can work its magical goodness. Why else would we feel conflict within ourselves—our worldly want to be safe and survive can often be in conflict with this greater divine calling of desire/destiny; the Gemini twins are one mortal one divine, the ultimate duality between what will save my temporal skin and what will serve our eternal soul.

We can, all of us, at every moment express our true individuality by living in that principality of true desire, that which is the goodness of the Universe seeking Peace, pressing on our conscience to, simply, do the next right thing.

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