Cancer 14° (July 4)

I will talk to Moo today which will be helpful. I am in the thick of it. The only way out will be through. Going to try and write a page: The sign’s fifth house is that of the drama of life, and indeed Leo can be the queen thereof as well. Let’s just say she has a theatrical mind. Leo is prone to exaggeration, not to mention ersatz accents, but only in rare instances will she be an out and out phony, which, if she is, would signal a kind of emotional emptiness, which is a terrible sensation for her to experience. Leo is naturally prone to make much of herself because doing so is a true expression of her self-regard. She generally likes to do things big, and she has the outsized energy to make a sensation, with some still to spare. The hunt itself is a ritual drama—it may in fact be the first ever. Scholars have likened the advent of the hunt to the unfolding of a theatrical piece wherein the final words or final scene are akin to the actual capture if not killing of the prey. In a play, thus, you might say that the prey is the meaning, the moral, the truth needing to be perceived, captured and thus revealed. This all comes down to what anthropologists, and especially those who explore the subject’s relationship to theatrical drama, would call “restored behavior.” The hunter, like the shaman, the exorcist, one falling into a trance, or the actor on a stage must adopt certain behavior to frame the performance, each time they give in and over to it. That is to say that, like an actor taking on a role, they must act as if they are the role they are taking on, not the individual they are, in order to achieve the desired end. Many primitive cultures of course employed the hunt as the ritual means, say, of marking the transition, the rite of passage, from a boy to man. All this to say, when we speak of the Leo woman, whose primary archetype is the huntress, her evolutionary path is one of restored behavior. We already know that the fixed sign of Leo isn’t an originator but an imitator in the strictest sense—one and the same with slipping into a role, where one is expected to adopt a brand of restored behavior,

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