Scorpio 15° (Nov 7)

 We were recently interviewed for an online author website and I started down the following path before realizing I had misinterpreted the question and this wasn’t the answer at all. But here is what it is:

It says in Sextrology, written in 2004, that Gemini man has small hands. The unfortunate American president was born on June 14. Gemini’s chapter is entitled “The Goodfellow” as he, ruled by Mercury, named for the winged trickster, o.g. artist-of-the-deal, street-smart or thug, duality, dualistic, mercurial—slight of hand. There is an obvious nod to Robin Goodfellow, Shakespeare’s Puck who plays messenger to Oberon as Mercury does to Jupiter, all flitting around in tights like Robin Hood—Errol Flynn a Gemini, also played many a swashbuckler. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., too. Peter Pan, from whose namesake syndrome all Gemini men suffer, also flitted around in green tights. He didn’t want to grow up. The god Mercury never does. He is the eternal adolescent. Peter Pan teaches us to fly. The sign is mutable air and the Mercury symbol recalls an insect, an angel, a demon. The Gemini, Castor & Pollux, hatched from separate eggs, one mortal one divine. Duality and flight. Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp. And so it goes

Taurus woman, likewise: The Snow White myth is her central story. It’s all about Eve. Ruled by planet Venus, goddess of love and beauty, appearances—Venus’ symbol recallis a mirror. The fixed-earth sign—think of the Garden—Taurus lives in a natural, metaphysical state of grace and innocence and the maiden-flower earth nymph is its core archetype. Snow White is the fairy=tale retelling of the myth of Io, the white heifer, bovine links baked into Taurus. Io, too, gets into a hassle with her queen, “cow-eyed” Hera, the goddess of women, for letting herself be plucked by Hera’s hubby. Zeus. Jump cut to understanding that a prime theme in Taurus woman’s life is negotiating her relationships en route to becoming queen herself. Both the myth and Taurus woman’s life is value themed; cultivation being a garden leitmotif. She is both Hera and Io, trying to wise herself up, without losing guilelessness. The mirror really does have two faces…


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