Scorpio 14° (November 6)

Presently on the train to London and procrasting (or productinating) writing this instead of the horoscope books that beckon. We had another major Scottish breakfast and cabbed it to Waverly station in Edinburgh. Our seats go backwards which is nauseating and there isn’t enough room for me to put my computer on the tray top in front of me and actually type. So I’m on borrowed time sitting in someone else’s seat. Question: Why is there always the young girl who looks just fine and fresh faced who then spends better time of the journey putting on gobs of makeup? And then takes a series of selfies. She is the same girl, typically, who then has some kind of online chat with someone, laughing all the while like some vacant doll. It’s just one brand of crazy of which I am aware. And so many people in the quiet car wear headphones, unaware that they are breathing as heavily and audibly as they are. But I’ve always been a rather cranky passenger.

I managed to have a blast anyway. We switched at King’s Cross for the Eurostar. It is ridiculously convenient that they moved it all to this station which is within seven minutes’ walking distance from our friends house in London where we regularly stay. I cannot wait to get my two-bedroom apartment in Paris so I can return the favor and have all manner of guests. It is my current dream! And I am determined to realize it within this year’s time. I have been championing making Paris our full-time consultancy city, now, for some time; and it should prove to be an easy do in one year’s time. Meanwhile…plenty to put into place between now and then. This trip sealed that deal for me.

We arrived Gare du Nord and queued for a taxi, arriving at Panthéon earlier than actually expected. The owners were nice. I had such great hopes. Dom and Nan arrived and we drank a bottle of red and watched funny videos of Peter Kay (who was at the party in Scotland) then headed to our favorite café-resto in the city. Can’t tell you where that is. Burratta, Rilette de Macquereaux, Huitres, and delicious main courses and more red. Dom and I talked about studies saying how often men should ejaculate which is like a lot. We explored some elaborate masturbation techniques—in conversation only.

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