Scorpio 17° (Nov 9)

It’s actually early February when I’m typing this. So I will also need to jump to today’s date in the journal to give that a start Blague a start. That may make no sense to you, and that’s okay. On November 9th, I’m in Paris and I say:

 Breakfast Nouvelle Mairie. Food shopping at Bio Nature. Marlene Dietrich exhibit. Persol lunettes, eau d’emeraude from the church shop, found amazing Korean restaurant, Jimin came to see us, back to dinner at Nouvelle Mairie.

What’s going on now is that I have a small pile of paper and one of many notebooks, but one I’ve been writing in lately, and mainly work stuff. I have to now distill it to know what the main categories are, if you will. There will be ideas about book writing and our consultancy plans and that for the new design company or for the festival and other stage productions, and so on, but those aren’t the actual categories I’m speaking of. I have to figure out what requires what. How many one page treatises that will morph into letters or minutes or webcopy. En route to knowing that, I have to put everything through a couple of grinders. One grinder I’d like to call Dada Minutes which is the result of the process of typing exactly and in the exact order what appears on any given page of random notes. Other grinders include open letters, memos (typically to Stella, but I have had other people in mind at times).as well as spontaneous any-old-little-thing to say….or, as in today’s entry, a sort of introduction to an introduction. But that’s what every day is, the lotus unfolding to reveal more lotus, fractiles within fractiles.

 So I just went through all those random pages, maybe a dozen in all, and annotating them, as I’m wont to do, in green pen, my favorite; Stella is on call with clients today and I’m getting down to the nitty gritty. I’m also running out of battery power.


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