Scorpio 18° (Nov 10)


My diary on this day reads:

Breakfast in with nice bread. Early off to the flea market. Walk back through the 17th. Met Mao of Mao Yoga. Saw Impasse Naboulet. Walked to where Pardoxe 67 once was. Fell back in love with Batignolles. Metro to Nouvelle Mairie for lunch. Evening stroll to fetch Persol and to vist our church, thento Susie Holland’s for cocktail party and dinner back at Chez Rene.

I think this was my favorite night of the trip; after which time the private club downstairs will continue to keep us awake all night as it already had the past two; but it was about to be even louder and later and sleep would no longer feature favorably on this trip. But this night was quite wonderful until it wasn’t. I remember it ending on something of a snit, no doubt in anxious anticipation f the inivitable racket. I think too we had had a great deal of time together in close quarters and we needed personal space. I would take it the next day. I’m meant to be working all the while on the e-books but it just proved impossible. I was in Paris so I was going to do stuff.

I think the concern is that living in Paris we would be caught up in some kind of debauch; I think it would be the opposite. I would front-load yoga and delicious food. I also want to make some good friends. I would like to fly over in January and arrive on Cape in June. During that time we could travel to a few key cities and visit friends and have them visit us. Over the summer the flat could be given or rented to friends depending on how much I like them. October and November we return to Paris, but here’s the point: By the end of 2019 we are going to be working with a whole different landscape.

So some things you could be looking forward to: An open letter to Ryan Murphy, letter to sponsors, making sense of my social media world, press release, letters to other venues….



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