Scorpio 19° (Nov 11)

On November 1,1 I am in Paris and my diary reads:

S at the mosque for hammam. Researching Paris theaters, spoke to guy. Miscommunication I thought S. would text when leaving; she thought meet at Iode so I was late. Tense. Jeuners. Bon Marché, Canal St. Martin, another mishap of lateness. Dom + Nan’s with Stan, Claudia, Esther making cameos. Home at like 4am. Private Club out of control downstairs. Oy.

First on the list of things to do today is to create an ad for V-Day. Something like For Valentine’s Day: February is Self-Love month and Sextrology is loving, probing cosmic survey of selfhood via the stars; and Cosmic Coupling is a rollicking speed through all the possible romantic relationships under the stars; and there are still 48 weeks of 2018 to go so get your book of weekly Haute Astrology horoscope e-book. All by Starsky + Cox. That’s good for starters.

The next thing on my list is to sort out my Dunn and Bradstreet account. I applied for a number a couple of years ago. And that took some doing. Then, as I recall, you register the number with the government. However the Dunn people made a typo and so the numbers didn’t match. More time on phone with them and they promised to (have) fix(ed) it. After lunch I will revisit that:

 I am also going to send all the people on my Sponsor and Sparkler list their books today. I hope everybody enjoys the gift.

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