Scorpio 20° (Nov 12)


On November 12, I am in Paris and my diary reads:


Zero sleep. Breakfast in. Packed up a bit. Went to Freddy’s for lunch. Then to royalist bar on Rivoli and smoke to original barman. Kept waiting to hear from Charlie and bummed around met him at 8PM finally. Aborted Pasta meal at home. Wine from the cafe.



I’m going to type up some Dada Minutes.

This page is called Timeline:



Afterglow: Get notes to all Sponsors
Go through papers and files in office and basement.
Re-write the business plan for the new design collection
Draft an Events Memo
Research planet moves for next year’s Haute Astrology



Re-work the book proposal
Continue on basement, office, upstairs
Cast next year’s Afterglow and Afterglow at Oberon (formerly Glowberon)
Begin research for Nextrology
Intro pages for 2019 Haute Astrology






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