Scorpio 21° (Nov 13)


On November 13, I am in Paris and my diary reads:

Train to London. Waldorf Hilton=gross. Back to Aldwych. Lunch at Frenchie. Met at Shoreditch House with P + M. Left my phone and glasses in a black cab.

And here I now am on February 7th writing this which is something written some time in January. So we are all over the temporal map. I may bring in things from early 2017 as well. We’re waxing eternal.

But now for Dada Minutes #2 

AsterCast is our art deconstruct paint – metallics gris gris

Sign two year lease save three year money

Paris consultancy top priority. Lo-tech.

List of artists Redifining Glow Fest

Set up Glowberon and Afterglow

Boston Globe Bunny

Fine weed Raina fill Audience Afterglow Mark Cortale

Jim and Serge Inspiration Room Paint the shelves and walls

Fracture glass on my own drawings

Pick up ball

Forty nine


I think that’s the best we’re going to do folks. But did you know that you can put 4 cups of just off the boil water and two cups of shredded coconut into the Vitamix and flip a swish and have coconut milk. They say strain it but we don’t. Makes some very yummy things so good to have on hand. And super inexpensive if you get the coconut in bulk.





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