Scorpio 22° (Nov 14)

On November 43, I awake in London and my diary reads:

To Heathrow, to Boston to Eliot, dinner at Uni at 5:30. Bed

I have mixed feelings about being home from this trip. It ended pretty badly due to the lack of sleep for days in that apartment which promised to be so beautiful. You have to be careful in Paris. It’s best to stake out your neighborhood at night before jumping at any apartment. But I’m superpsyched to this year be able to tell Susie to start looking. I want a two-bedroom for sure. It’s all about sharing with friends and S’s family.

 We have been artists all our lives, yet, over the last decade things were more cerebral, academic and writerly, not so much visual. At this point, after the trip, I’m focused on writing our Christmas show for Joe’s Pub in what will be a marathon sprint while catching up on the backlog of clients wishing to see us, plus all the going through after having been gone for a month.

In present tense, I offer up another Dada Minutes:

Smart Fun @ Dinner Parties

Green is my favorite color. I love

Green Pens

Promote for V-Day

Best read in bed or at lively dinner parties


Home Photo Shoot

Max Steele Excel Program Artists

Communication 1st Morning Weather Report with Quinn (pic)

w Koss Headphones and mic

Form a Musical Band from the Artists


Quinn Does

S+C “Felt Up”

What can be “merchandised” as collateral

Afterglow: Talk about future but link to recent press

[name of our holiday show-redacted]


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