Scorpio 23° (Nov 15)

On November 15, I awake in Boston and my diary reads:

Client day then back to Uni then sleep.

It might be around this time that I learn David Drake is taking over Provincetown Theater. Thank God. It’s time for some talent in that building. I came upon a letter I started typing but this list on the back of it is more evocative:


Boston Biz (Missionaries)

Wharf People

Boston Glow 100

Afterglow 1000

JVB Show

Social Media


And then this:

We are doing what we do in a way you’ve never before seen us do.

Uplaod Press. 77 days 20 Ptown Boston Places Big To Do

Reach out to the 365 Ptown Peoplw with what

A new “something” about Afterglow plus the Boston Globe article

  1. Sparkler. email plus mailer to find and publish all 365-ers

Write how and talk about it

Radio guru Write Offs last minute letter about getting six months ahead

Intershiops to BU, Emerson, Harvard, MIT

Wikipedia. Assistant List

Book Provincetown Inn

How to open an Ebay store. H0tel, Tech, Travel

Summer interns

Afterglow Newsletter

new venue

quotations (splash page)

  1. Glowberon

4 no other shows

  1. missionary sponsorships
  2. hotel problem

Info at Barismo 90 days how unspiritual

Write Pascale

People to follow Artists + Biz Places and other happenings

Cyber Monday VSB Done. First lines for Blagues some portraits

Paper Wall In start Filling In Speak to it Give me a B.



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