Pisces 9° (February 26) Monday


I think I shall simply whistle in the graveyard once again and cut and post some sill thing I’ve written elsewhere to fill a space, a void but then, yes, something stirs and I’ve already cut and pasted so what now? I’ll tell you what I’ll tell you what. You will type your way through this measure and you will take your non-metaphorical lumps by way of certain and swift madness, the only way to have it so, and so it goes.


There is that same “project grant” from MCC the timing of which has changed up a bit such that it is for the 13th month period of June 2018 through July 1 2019. I want to spin the Glow fest we did at Oberon into “moveable fest” concept and do it a different place any given year. Or maybe not. We would do the next/first one in Boston anyway (since we technically did Cambridge last time) and can play it by ear.


But it makes me realize: we need an ongoing mechanism IF so and so likes doing the fundraising kind of work, which most people don’t. It would be such an asset to have someone to liaise both with the spaces we are going to be soliciting—including museums and universities—for your piece, but with potential local banks and other business entities that might give shekels to our efforts which will (fingers crossed) already be bearing the NEFA label, helping target the philanthropic set with me!


So I’ll be meeting columnist/writer for the Globe next Monday and also conducting first official meeting.


That happened. And I say so in red.


But I bet that, by the time I cut and paste this into the Blague it won’t be red and you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about. It wont be read and it won’t be red.



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