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Well I dare say, if this is going to happen, whereby I have to write the next nine blogs in forty minutes that gives me about four minutes per. So I’m just going to keep on going and try to instantaeously link thoughts i most wish to express with this experience. Ready steady go. What do I think about Spirituality. Or what is my idea of it. Well I can say that my first sense of spirityality would have been had in two ways; only at the time I wouldn’t have realized this. The obvious form of spirituality is me going to church. Now, and I mean this most sincerely when i say. I have always romanticized my early Catholicism because I associated it with my sister going to the shcool attached to the church through fourth grade she only wnet to public shool for firth grade when i went for kindergarten.

That summer we had a waterballoon fight and Robert Walker tripped my sister who had the last standing waterballoon and she fell, went face down onto the pavement, biting into her lip which needed stitches and was hugely swelled and crusty for quite awhile. I imagine my sister already being trepidatious going to a new school, already the outsider, set up for self destruction.

But I was talking about my brand of Spirituality. Oh I dunno. I think where I was going was the fact that we probably, my sister and I, walked to church together a few times and I went to Sunday school; presumably, my parents went to church either before I can remember or never but likely kept up some kind of pretense. I do recall being in our church in Jersey City, to which we could walk, me in some kind of Patrick Dennis spacesuit, my crazy Irish small redhaired Auntie Mame, how much I loved my mother. So much.

But look I have to write a whole bunch of these so I’m going to move on now….


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