Aquarius 4° (January 25)


Paris, Day Two of Sixty: We woke and had coffee and went out in search of Bikram and the health food store, both of which we found after a cul de sac of time and space in which we looked for the yoga studio but we were on the wrong road. We did some shopping on Rambuteau, including a couple of sandwiches which we will eat before going back out for more groceries and flowers for the week. We also discover the Caviste, which we now remember, was among our favorite wine shops. We had the appointment with a favorite client who is in Paris; then we set off for the left bank. We do a little shopping at Papier Plus and then it is nearly time for the singing mass at St. Gervais. This morning I had a dream about saving my grandmother from a burning building. We sit in the church on small benches for half an hour while the nuns settle into their spots and never move a muscle. The priests finally arrive. There is such a difference between them, the women are still and meditative and serene, in their blue robes and white hooded cloaks, and the men, all in black, are slightly more boisterous and jolly and read like school boys on retreat ever so slightly. The congregation is shuffling in and the spots are all but taken up. The music begins and everyone begins to sing but only gets a few seconds in before a young man appears at the pulpit and takes the microphone protesting the Catholic Church. S. is having none of it, as is her personality—she’s freaked and needs to get the ef out. We go and I can’t help thinking the congregation believes that we are somehow complicit with the protester.

We head toward the river and S. tells me that she felt her grandmother move through her while she was sitting still on her stool at St. Gervais. Her grandmother changed her name to Genevieve and it turned out that the mass was all about St. Genevieve, the Patron Saint of Paris, whose feast day is January 3, and whose whole mission was about getting believers to believe. She led a prayer marathon which saved the city from siege by the Huns, she also worked out deals with the Germanic invaders. Her symbol is a candle, which we didn’t know as we strolled toward Boulevard St. Germaine to the Diptyque store to buy a candle. I told S. about my grandmother dream this morning from which I woke for the day. I went to see a psychic once who told me my grandmother had a message for me and it was to “go to church.” Just a few steps beyond the candle shop is our destination for dinner, Chez Rene. We were hesitant to go but so glad we did. We made a reservation for eight but arrived at seven, the only people yet in the place. By eight it was packed. S. had betteraves and mache salad and I had salade de chevre chaud and lambchops, with spinach and frites to share and a flan for dessert. We started with a gorgeous glass of champagne each then had some nice AOC vin, Bandol maybe, I don’t remember. We probably won’t go here again this trip so I’m glad we made the effort. As tradtionalese as it is, it is very good and simple and clean. My meal was just a bunch of lamb chops on a plate. So simple and lovely. I’m going to make some lamb in the kitchen here. I do intend on cooking a lot and making soups, especially, once the Bikram begins. I’m a bit nervous about going back and yet I super can’t wait.

We decided to stroll home and it was only about twenty minutes total, which is great. We passed a few little shops that are good to remember. Earlier we had scanned the neighborhood and noticed that Fer au Cheval is closed (they had a fire) and that there is an Eataly in the neighborhood (there it goes) and we picked a lousy (sale!) day to hit BHV but we needed some electronics. I bought a tiny Bluetooth speaker so we can listen to our own music and also I want to figure out continuous white noise. I do need to write to Neil to see if he is still planning a Paris visit. The sound of breaking glass is a particularly French sound. I also need to write to Laurie to ask about her friend’s resto. Tomorrow we will have lovely food from the Greeks. I might also think about making some lambchops just for fun. Oh and I have to research the Enfants Rouge market.



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